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Happy Tuesday! Hopefully you all got to enjoy an extra day off yesterday. I was grateful for the three day weekend to officially say goodbye to summer and welcome in the next season.

Now that Labor Day is over I am officially in the fall mindset, although I am trying to refrain from putting any decorations up for another week or so until it really starts to cool off 😉

This weekend was full of quite a bit of randomness, so I thought I’d share some recents from my camera roll.

I spent Friday trying to build another bookshelf that we bought with our Target gift cards. This one was much more complicated than the previous shelf set that I put together and oh man there were some frustrating moments! I learned how to use an electric drill and learned what hidden cams are and what they do though. It is worth it now that we have a brand new bookshelf ready to organize! That will be my project this week.


My aunt has gotten really into gardening this past year, and she brought over three buckets full of fresh veggies last week! It was absolutely awesome until we realized they would go bad in a few days so we needed to use them quickly. In an attempt to be as efficient as possible I roasted them all in the oven and they turned out perfectly! We had zuccini, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber and peppers. I put them in at 450 for 45 minutes and they we perfect!


We celebrated the start of the weekend with tons of ice cream. We headed to the local ice cream parlor that’s about halfway between where we live and work, and split an order. They don’t look that big but boy these things are huge! They have a bunch of different flavors named after all the towns nearby, and our favorite happens to be the one named after the town where we work! We couldn’t even finish this between the two of us, so we took the rest of it home and I finished it off the next night.


After finishing all that goodness my Halo Top seemed like it needed a little more flavor the next day, so I added some sugar to it 🙂 you can never have enough sprinkles!


This past week I’ve been finding a new bug bit on my lower leg each day, and they were slowly progressing from my toe all the way up my shin in what looked like a straight line! It seemed really weird to me, and then I got a little nervous because I started to get a bruise right above all the bites, until I realized the bruise is from climbing on our counters to organize the cabinets. Now my leg just looks like a mess!


My friend is getting married this Friday and I will be a bridesmaid in her wedding! I realized how quickly her wedding day is approaching and started to get serious browsing Pinterest looking for pictures of hairstyles I want. I think I’ve narrowed it down to a low bun!


The high point of this entire weekend was still that amazing 18 miles. It was really the best long run I’ve ever had. The weather was perfect, and afterwards my mom and I sat in the grass for a little while eating pepperoni, crackers and cheese and drinking Gatorade. It was the best way to end a great run!


We met my parents in South Haven on Sunday night and ate dinner right on Lake Michigan! South Haven is such a cool town and I really wish we had gotten to spend more time there this summer. I always know it’s a vacation town when they have a Kilwin’s Ice Cream store. This one did not disappoint!


I came across this virtual race online and am so tempted to sign up! It’s really sad how motivating those medals can be. I’m going to do some serious thinking about this over the next few days 😉


On Monday I headed out for a 3 mile recovery run and saw that they are making progress on finishing up the construction! The dirt road has finally been filled and I am hoping that the road will be reopened any day now!!


This is going to be a short week since we had Monday off and will have Friday off for my friend’s wedding. I am hoping that these next three days are great ones! I saw this on Twitter this morning and loved the quote.


Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!

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