Strength Workout for Runners

Workouts Runners Will Love: Strength Workout for Runners

Happy Wednesday!

As a runner who has a very intense type A personality, I often find myself falling into routines. This can be a good or bad thing depending on the situation, but I find that my routines help be stay consistent with my strength training while getting the miles in for a marathon. I made a point when creating my training plan to set aside one day a week dedicated solely to doing some different strength moves, and so far I am off to a good start.

My main goal for the NYC Marathon this fall is to be able to run the whole thing happily and enjoy it. I don’t have any time goals that I am aiming for, so my main goal is to be able to enjoy the experience. I’ve run a couple of marathons where I feel great for the first half, or even up to mile 18, and then completely hit the wall and ruin the whole race in the last 6-10 miles. My goal is to not bonk on this race and to keep my legs happy the whole time!

One of the ways I am working towards achieving this goal is by incorporating some strength moves I learned in Physical Therapy after my first marathon. Every Tuesday I do this (or some slight variation of this) workout. The moves aren’t meant to build a ton of muscle and work up a great sweat, they’re just meant to strengthen those weak spots and focus some energy to the spots that so often get neglected when we run.

I know I’ve shared most of these moves in previous workouts, but thought I would share the exact order and reps that I’ve been doing once a week for my strength day this training cycle.

Runner's Strength Workout

Runner’s Strength Workout:

25 squats (sometimes I do these on a Bosu Ball, sometimes I just do regular squats)


20 forward lunges, alternating legs


10 side lunges to the right, 10 side lunges to the left


25 jump squats

20 jump lunges

10 side lunges to the right, 10 side lunges to the left


80 second plank


40 alternating leg lifts, lying on back (I add 2 pound ankle weights for these)

40 alternating leg lifts, lying on left side

40 alternating leg lifts, lying on stomach


40 alternating leg lifts, lying on right side

60 second bridge


10 second one leg bridge on left, 10 second one leg bridge on right


30 hip lifts

10 one leg hip lifts on left, 10 one leg hip lifts on right

20 leg extensions with exercise ball

20 clamshells on left side, 20 clamshells on right side (I use a resistance band around my knees but you can do these without as well!)


40 supermans

30 second superman hold


20 leg dips on right leg, 20 leg dips on left leg

20 hip lifts on right leg, 20 hip lifts on left leg

I usually finish up with 4 or 5 different dumbell moves, depending on how my arms are feeling that week. This looks like a long list of moves but each of them do not take very long to complete, so it only takes me about 20 minutes to complete them all!

I started doing these moves before my third marathon, and have had much better experiences with the two that I ran after incorporating strength into my training, compared to the first two I ran without it (hence why I ended up in Physical Therapy;).

Hopefully you all are able to get your Wednesday Workout on today! Happy hump day!

Full body strength workout for runners. Targets legs, hips, glutes, core and arms.

Strength Workout for Runners

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