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It seems like I just blinked and summer is already over! I distinctly remember the last day of the school year back in June, and it feels like it was just yesterday. How in the world have three months gone by already?!

My project for today is to put away all of our summer things and dig through the basement to find our fall decorations. Our basement seems to be this endless pit of storage, and it always takes me longer than I expect to find the thing I am looking for because along the way I find 20 other things I forgot about.

Next week I’m going to start putting up our fall decorations, so this week I thought I’d say my farewells to summer. I am finding myself more excited about the change in season than sad that summer is over, for which I am grateful! This summer was an amazing one, but I am excited for all the things that fall will bring.

In an effort to feed my nostalgia and say my official goodbye to summer, I wanted to look back and share my favorite memories from these past three months of summer.

We started out the summer by climbing the sand dunes on Lake Michigan!

And shortly after celebrated Global Running Day with this awesome running community!

Later in June we had an amazing ice cream themed bridal shower 🙂

And then I finally got officially endorsed by Brooks 😉


Just before the end of June, training for the TCS NYC Marathon began!

And then we heading across the Mackinaw Bridge to spend 5 days camping and hiking in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula!

A few days after our return, we prepared to head north again to spend a full week with my family on a blissful vacation in Cheboygan, Michigan!

After our vacations I spent the rest of the time preparing to get married to the love of my life!

And to celebrate of course… we spent a week together in paradise on our honeymoon!

In looking through this list I realize that my use of exclamation points is probably a bit excessive… but it’s just so hard to refrain when thinking back on all these events! This summer was full of travel, adventure, family, and exploring this beautiful world. It was truly the best one of my life! It will sure be hard to beat but I am greatly looking forward to all that is to come with the change of seasons and these last four months of the year.

Hopefully you are as excited as I am to welcome in fall. Here’s to perfect running weather, beautiful colors and lots of festivities!

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