26.2 Things Runners Love

Happy Saturday! It’s time for those long runs! This is my “cut back” week in my training plan so my long run this week is only 6 miles. I am actually quite sad that I will be missing out on the long run endorphins this weekend, so I’ve been thinking about some other things I love as a runner to bring me that happiness.

As we are getting deeper into training for those fall marathons, here are 26.2 things that runners love!

Running Humor

    1. CARB LOADING – bread, pasta, potatoes… love it ALL!IMG_0483
    2. New running shoes – the fresh smell includedIMG_9545
  1. The first long run after summer running season when the temperature is cooler and NOT HUMIDimg_0475
  2. Finding the perfect running fuel (and then buying it in bulk;)IMG_9772
  3. The runner wave! Arguably my favorite part about running is when I see other runners out there and they wave at meDetroit Marathon (42)
  4. Bonding with strangers on race day – I’ve had the best experiences in pace groups with total strangersDetroit Marathon (41)
  5. Aid stations with more than just water or Gatorade – we ran a race once where they had marshmallows as fuel… YUMIMG_0165
  6. Automatic PRs for weird race distance (8k, 12k, etc.)img_9583
  7. Running in the first snow (before it gets old and we are sick of the inconvenience)IMG_0166.png
  8. Bright running clothes – neons are the bomb.comBayshore Marathon (7)
  9. Talking about running, paces, races, placesimg_0155
  10. ENDORPHINS … no more needs to be said!img_5752
  11. Race medals – it’s sad how motivating these medals can beIMG_0167
  12. Posting your miles on social media (how do we know it really happened if you never talk about it?)IMG_0312
  13. A great running selfie! Mmm seeing that picture afterwards is so satisfying.DCIM100GOPRO
  14. Going to bed ridiculously early (hello 9pm bed time)Day at Sea (19)
  15. Running fanny packs… they’re cute, I swear;)Detroit Marathon (56)
  16. Water water water – I love to hydrate!img_8417
  17. Seeing the sun rise or sunset. One of the best parts of the day that so many miss out on!IMG_9852
  18. Post long run laziness. Not feeling guilty about binge watching TV for 6 hours!IMG_8606
  19. Wearing running clothes in publicIMG_9661
  20. Costume or themed races – nothing gets you in the spirit for a holiday or season like a race with thousands dressed for it!DSC00389
  21. Peeing in the woods… sometimes you just have to.img_0160
  22. Garmin stats – I am definitely a number junkie, I love looking at those paces and heart rate info even on easy runs!img_3172
  23. Well deserved PRs. Nothing is more satisfying.img_2819
  24. Post race beverages … or .2 … post race ICE CREAM 🙂img_2668

Happy running, friends!!

Running Humor
Running Humor


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