Tuesday Tangents

Welcome to another week! This week in particular is a really big reminder for me to be grateful and appreciative of what I have. I am thinking of all of those in Florida and the South this week as they begin to recover from Hurricane Irma. It seems the southern states have been getting hit hard this past month and I just can’t even imagine the sense of loss they are experiencing.

Hurricane Irma

My friend flew to Michigan from Florida this weekend for a wedding. She is not sure how long she will stay, but she is still in Michigan as she waits out Hurricane Irma.

I hope all of our friends in the south are able to find a sense of hope and strength as you begin to recover from the hurricane. Hopefully you are finding joy in the helping hands of strangers, and are reminded of the good people that are out there.

We celebrated one of my childhood friends this weekend as she married her best friend. She stood up in my wedding last month, and now I had the honor of standing up in hers. It was a day filled with pure joy, and was so much fun to be with her as she experienced the emotions on her wedding day! I met some wonderful new friends, and was reunited with old ones as well.

I love the happiness that weddings can bring, and her day exceeded my expectations! It was the absolute perfect day for a wedding. She wore the classiest wedding dress I have ever seen and looked absolutely stunning in it.

After our wedding festivities on the west side of the state, we drove to the east side to take part in a baby shower for one of our cousins. She will be having a boy in November and I have never seen anyone look so good this far into their pregnancy! The shower had some Mexican themed food and I definitely overate. They started us off with trail mix on the tables and I successfully ate all the M&Ms out of our bowl 😉

Mexican Baby Shower Food

On our drive home from the shower we saw some leaves starting to turn colors already! I am just so excited for the temperatures and the beauty that comes in these next few fall months. It is the best running season!

Fall Colors in Michigan

We returned home last night to two of the greatest surprises: my wedding dress back from being preserved and a flash drive with all of our wedding photos! There was just too much excitement to handle. I spent about 4 hours sorting through those photos and still have so much more to go. What a great way to re-live the best day of our lives.

After so much excitement this weekend, I definitely needed to regroup and find some focus to start off the week. I am switching my workouts around this week in an attempt to recreate the week I had leading up to my 18 miler a few weeks ago, which I swear was the best long run I’ve ever had.

Marathon Training

I started the week off yesterday with 45 minutes of yoga and definitely needed it. My mind was all over the place thinking about the weekend and our wedding pictures, so it really helped me to focus! My fingers are crossed that my body will respond just as well to the patter of workouts this week as it did two weeks ago. I guess we will find out with the long run this weekend 😉

Runner's World Yoga

Hopefully your week is off to a great start and you are feeling productive and focused. The first full work week of September will be a great one!


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