The Best Day of the Week

Another week is already underway and we are back in the groove! It’s funny that whenever Friday hits, I feel like we have an infinite amount of time away from work to relax and enjoy ourselves… until reality hits when it’s already Sunday night and we’re frantically trying to get ready for the new week.

As we make our way through another week I am feeling especially refreshed and ready to work. While today is Tuesday, I am still living that post-weekend high and thought I’d share with you some thoughts on my favorite day of the week.

For as long as I can remember, I have always dreaded Sundays. Although Sunday made up half of the weekend, I found myself dreading waking up in the morning because I knew the day would be filled with frantic preparations for the week and an attempt to complete the list of things I failed to do during the week. Sundays meant grocery shopping, cleaning the house, finish homework or planning for work, and getting my clothes and lunch figured out for the start of the week. The day brought more work than an actual work day, and while I didn’t necessarily hate all of the chores I needed to complete, I knew that I had to get them done because Monday loomed on the horizon – and for that reason I quickly learned to despise them.

Sundays this year have taken on a whole new meaning for me. I’ve spent the past few months rediscovering my love for reading, and expanding my horizons by reading books other than my typical fictional beach reads. These past few months have been filled with books covering a wide range of stories; from thrillers and love stories, to books about marriage, self improvement, and running your own business.

These books have inspired me to change the way I look at life, and the root of this change has developed in my new love for Sundays.

When I was creating my training plan for this marathon, I decided that Sundays were going to be my rest day. This was something completely different than anything I’d done in the past – I usually would take full advantage of the two days off during the weekend and plan two of runs for those days, in order to have less runs to complete during the week. Wednesdays or Fridays would be my rest day, which would allow me a break during the ever so stressful work week.

This year I decided to finally give that up, and plan a day of complete rest on the weekend. This rest means no running or working out in a structured form, and no endless chores or to do lists for the day. We may end up traveling to a family event or heading out to do something together, but these events would always take place by choice, and completed away from my to do list.

This past Sunday, I spent a large portion of the day on the couch. I turned off my alarm in the morning and started my day off with a good book and some tea. Later on in the afternoon, my husband and I made some nachos and watched some football. After the game was over we finished off the day by binge watching our favorite show.


That’s not to say we didn’t get a few things done amidst our binge watching, or sit down to plan out the week together… but boy was it entirely different than what I was used to. We started out feeling a little guilty for watching the football game without laptops in hand, multitasking as we semi-enjoyed the game but were also semi-productive. Our guilt slowly faded as we relaxed and came to terms with the fact that we may not be checking everything off our to do lists.

This week I am feeling much more ambitious and ready to tackle the chores that I dread. I woke up yesterday morning feeling genuinely excited about the day, and eager to see what all I could get done. This is a feeling I have never experienced on a Monday morning, but definitely one that I want to stick around.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in productivity and checking things off of our never-ending to do lists in this world. We need to get to our destinations faster than our GPS tells us, we need to send an email while we’re cooking dinner, and we just can’t fall asleep until that last phone call is made.

It seems that it is actually easier to hurry up in this world than it is to slow down. It is such a challenge to sit down and actually do nothing – meaning not just sit down and make notes on our phone while we watch tv, but to actually sit down, get the blanket out, put our phones away, and watch our favorite show.


I was surprised by how difficult it was to not be making lists of the things I was not accomplishing while I sat down to relax, and how challenging it is to focus only on what I am reading, without thinking ahead into the afternoon or checking the clock to see how much longer I had of my ‘scheduled’ reading time.

The more we do something, the easier it becomes, right? It seems I am slowly getting better at relaxing and taking a step back from my lists. The funny thing is – the more I make a point to relax, the more I actually get done during the rest of my day.

Our bodies weren’t built to be moving constantly, just as our minds are wired to be checking through lists 24/7. These Sundays have slowly but surely become my favorite day of the week. A day to spend with family, food, and relaxation – a day that I never want to get rid of.


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