Yoga Poses for Runners

The Best Yoga Routine for Runners | These easy yoga poses for runners have had a game changing effect on my recovery. This yoga routine is simple enough for beginners yet incredibly effective at relieving muscle soreness.

Good morning and happy Wednesday! As I have been incorporating yoga more frequently into marathon training, I have also been noticing a significant improvement in my long runs. At the beginning of this training cycle, I focused mostly on cardio type cross training activities, such as spinning or HIIT workouts. After a few miserable long runs, halfway through my training plan I decided to start incorporating brief yoga sessions at the beginning of the week to recover from my long run.

Ever since I began adding in some yoga, my long runs have improved immensely. Sure, I’m still really tired at the end and have some moments where I question myself, but the overall workout goes so much smoother. Maybe it’s just in my head, since I believe my body is more recovered after doing yoga, or maybe my body actually does get the stretching and strength it needs from these yoga sessions. Either way, I’ll take it!

As I’ve been experimenting with different yoga routines and moves these past few months, I’ve discovered which moves seem to help me the most and allow me to head out for my next run feeling the most recovered.

I wanted to share some of the most effective poses I’ve found yet and they are great for beginners!

Yoga Poses for Runners

Downward Dog

Yoga-poses-for-runners (3)


Yoga-poses-for-runners (6)

Forward Fold

Yoga-poses-for-runners (4)

Half Split

Yoga-poses-for-runners (8)


Yoga-poses-for-runners (7)

Low Lunge

Yoga-poses-for-runners (5)

Toes Pose

Yoga-poses-for-runners (9)

Kneeling Quad Stretch

Yoga-poses-for-runners (1)

Viparita Kirani/Legs Up the Wall

Yoga-poses-for-runners (2)

I’ve been starting my week off with yoga on Mondays and am just loving the difference. Not only has my running stamina improved, but my mental game has as well. There is something to be said about focusing on your breathing and strength to help recover tired legs.

Have a great Wednesday! Namaste:)

Yoga Poses for Runners and Beginners

Yoga Poses for Runners



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