October Goals

It’s hard to believe today is the last day of September already! I just can’t believe this month is coming to a close. September brought along a lot of changes and growth both personally and physically. This month also brought some of the most intense weeks of marathon training, along with some of the most intense temperatures of the entire training season thus far.

My hope is that October will bring along a welcomed change in weather from summer to fall, but if not (and it’s not looking like that is too promising), at least the changing leaves and colors will cooperate.


The start of October signifies the start of my absolute favorite time of year. These last three months of the year are BY FAR my favorite, and I just can’t wait to get them started. These next three months bring along so many holidays, so much time with family, cooler temperatures, beautiful colors, holiday joy, themed races, cozy outfits, sweet treats, and so much more.

I am so excited to get started on October! Before it begins, I want to take a look at the goals I set for September and write some new ones for the upcoming month.

Here are the goals I set for myself at the beginning of September:

  1. Listen to my body on my runs and adjust my training plan accordingly.
    • This has been something I’ve been very focused on this training season and really aware of. In the past, I’ve always tried my hardest to get those miles in exactly as planned, so I can cross off each day without guilt. I’d rearrange my plans, switch up the days and times of my runs, head out in terrible weather, and run on some nagging pains that I probably shouldn’t have run through. This time I’ve been really listening to my body and have definitely missed some runs, cut some runs short and done less intense cross training quite a few times. Overall I think my body is benefiting greatly from this, though, because my long runs have all been wonderful so far (knock on wood;). I would consider this goal a success!Yoga-poses-for-runners (6)
  2. As it gets cooler I start to feel less thirsty during the day, so I want to continue to drink at least 60 ounces of water per day.
    • Well it definitely did not get cooler –  we actually had warmer temperatures this past month than June or July. I struggled with waking up and starting to drink water right away since I wasn’t rushing around like I used to, but switched to drinking tea first thing which really helped motivate me to hydrate in the mornings. I look forward to drinking my tea and it allows me to start my day off with 16 oz of liquid.
  3. Cook at home more often and go out to eat less.
    • I would consider this a success! We still go out to eat about once a week, so there’s definitely room for improvement, but it has gone down considerably from what we were used to in the summer. We have been trying to plan ahead for the week which has helped make sure we don’t end up going out to eat just because we’re too lazy to cook/don’t have anything planned for dinner and it’s already getting late.Cream-cheese-chicken-chili
  4. Bake at least one new dessert and one new dinner recipe.
    • Check! I made pot roast for the first time this month, and even reheated it for leftovers to use with egg noodles for dinner the next week. I also tried out a pumpkin cookie recipe which was a definite success!
  5. Do some fall activities!
    • We’re getting there… the weather has been anything but fall-like this past month, so it has really decreased our desire to head outside and do something. We did make it to a corn maze and pumpkin patch this past week though! Our planning really worked out and we ended up going on the coolest day we had all month – score!Corn-maze
  6. Seriously this time: learn more about Scleroderma and narrow down the diagnosis with my doctor.
    • I think I vastly underestimated how much time it would take before I received an official diagnosis and treatment plan. I did finally get in to see a Rheumatologist this month, and contrary to what my doctor had originally told me, the rheumatologist does not think that I have Scleroderma. Evidently everything in the auto immune/rheumatology department is really similar, but a big sign for Scleroderma is tightening of the skin which I do not have. He thinks that my previous blood work and symptoms show that it is either Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis. He sent me in for more blood work this past week to narrow it down between the two, and I will be going back to see him in October to look through the lab results and hopefully determine a diagnosis.Blood-donation
  7. De-clutter our house! We have so many little trinkets and clothes or shoes lying around that we absolutely never use. Now that we’ve gotten so many wedding gifts I’d like to go through the house and donate the things we never use.
    • Oooh, this was definitely a fail. I have had this on my to do list all month but have not gotten around to it yet. All of our wedding things are officially put away and organized, so I’ve made slight progress, but really didn’t accomplish what I wanted to.
  8. Start and finish at least one book.
    • Complete! I actually finished two this month. I read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I thought this book would be really boring but it was actually quite interesting and very relatable! We learned about it during a retreat we took in preparation for our marriage, and I wanted to read it ever since. The author brings up some great ideas and I can’t wait to try them! I also just finished Univited by Lysa TerKeurst. This book was recommended to me by my sister in law earlier this summer because she thinks “I like those kind of books”, but has been sitting on my bookshelf since then. Rejection and loneliness are both not something that I am currently struggling with, so I thought reading this book would be pointless. I finally got around to it more out of a get-it-done-and-off-my-to-do-list type of thing, but was actually decently surprised. The author is very relatable and she brought up some great points about improving yourself.Fall-activities (3)
  9. Look into some local seasonally themed races to run this fall/winter.
    • Yes! I just finally signed up for a Hot Cider Hustle 5k the weekend after the NYC Marathon. This race was too hard to resist: they give you a pull over, caramel apple, and free spiced cider after the run, PLUS it is in my favorite city. I will use this as a recovery run after the marathon!img_0501
  10. Shift focus from our wedding to our marriage: continue to date each other and communicate about all the things that will be changing now that we’re married.
    • I’d say we’ve both done pretty well with this one. We’ve made a point of designating Sundays to spend with each other, talk through some things that are going well, ways we could improve, our finances, week plans, and come up with date night ideas. This has really helped us to be on the same page throughout the week, even when things get busy.IMG_0143


After reflecting on these goals and the accomplishments/failures from this past month, here are my 10 goals for October:

  1. Research the NYC Marathon ahead of time so I am as prepared as possible! This includes travel, race course, packet pick up, transportation, food, tourist attractions, etc. I want to know exactly what to expect and do when I get to New York so I don’t accidentally miss anything awesome!
  2. Taper the right way. Continue listening to my body, don’t let my mental game get thrown off during taper time, trust in my training, and don’t go overboard with indulgences.
  3. Limit pop to once a week.
  4. Spend less time on my phone each day.
  5. Start and finish at least one book.
  6. Cook at least one new recipe and bake one new recipe.
  7. Find creative and budget friendly date night ideas (i.e. don’t get lazy;).
  8. Stretch every day; not just my legs after a run, but make sure to spend time loosening all the muscles (arms, neck, feet, etc).
  9. Volunteer to help at a race. This is one of my New Year’s Resolutions and is something that I’ve always wanted to do to give back to the community that is always there for me during races.
  10. FINALLY get some answers about this mysterious elbow problem and be realistic about any treatments or life changes that this will require.



With that, I think I am ready for October! Fall colors, cooler temperatures, hot chocolate, sweaters, pumpkins, apple cider, candy and Halloween are up this month. I can’t wait! I hope September is wrapping up for you in the best way possible.

Cheers to this exciting time of year – happy October!

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