At Home Thanksgiving Workout

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Happy Wednesday! Things are finally starting to settle down after the marathon and I’m really looking forward to getting back to some cross training. It’s time to getting in the swing of things with these Wednesday workouts, and what better timing than before the holidays? I love getting a really great workout in leading up to a holiday because I feel much less guilty eating all the amazing food. Today I am going to share my favorite Thanksgiving Workout!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for all of those turkey calories by getting a good sweat in beforehand! I’ve combined all of my favorite, most effective calorie burning moves in this workout. Everything can be done at home in your living room while watching the parade! After years of experimenting I have finally found a set of moves that I know will burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time.

This workout alternates between high-intensity moves with strengthening moves, giving your heart rate a chance to settle after the intense parts, but then get right back up there with the next move. The perfect combination for a Thanksgiving workout. Here is the workout I will be doing next week before that wonderful meal!

At Home Thanksgiving Workout

At-Home Thanksgiving Workout

Perform as many rounds as possible of the moves in each set for 10 minutes

Set 1:

  • Mountain Climbers x 25Thanksgiving Workout Mountain Climbers
  • Squats x 15Thanksgiving Workout Squats
  • Jumping Jacks x 50Thanksgiving Workout Jumping Jacks
  • Side lunges x 20Thanksgiving Workout Side Lunges
  • High knees x 25Thanksgiving Workout High Knees
  • Plank x 1 minuteThanksgiving Workout Plank Jacks

Set 2:

  • Burpees x 10Thanksgiving Workout Burpees
  • Walking lunges x 20Thanksgiving Workout Walking Lunges
  • Tuck jumps x 10Thanksgiving Workout Tuck Jump
  • Push ups x 15Thanksgiving Workout Push Ups
  • High knees x 25Thanksgiving Workout High Knees
  • Side plank x 30 seconds each sideThanksgiving Workout Side Plank

Set 3:

  • Man makers x 10
  • Squat with press x 15
  • Jump lunges x 10 each side
  • Raised leg sit ups x 25Thanksgiving Workout Raised Leg Situps
  • High knees x 25Thanksgiving Workout High Knees
  • Plank jacks x 15

Performing these moves will definitely work up a sweat, and make indulging in some tasty food guilt free. Whether you perform this workout, the day before, after, or in the morning or evening on the big day, you’ll definitely reap the benefits! With only 8 days to go I am trying to prepare my body for all of the holiday treats that will soon be approaching. I will definitely be completing this Thanksgiving workout before enjoy a delicious meal next week.

Enjoy your Wednesday workout!

At Home Thanksgiving Workout

Ultimate Thanksgiving Workout Calorie Burn
At Home Thanksgiving Workout
At Home Thanksgiving Workout

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