Friday Favorites: Winter Running Gear

The Best Winter Running Gear & Clothes

Today is an exciting Friday – not only is the end of the week, but it is Black Friday! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends yesterday. It’s amazing how quickly each day passes, and yesterday was no different. Thanksgiving is officially behind us, and today marks the start of the holiday season. Winter really begins as soon as the holiday season starts, at least in my mind. Today begins the transition to colder temperatures and snow filled sidewalks. I spent the last few weeks digging out my winter running gear and have been excited to wear many of them again.

I am one of those people who find something they like and stick with it religiously. There are few clothing items I absolutely love, but the ones that I do stay with me for years. After wearing quite a bit of my winter running gear these past few weeks, I am excited to rediscover my favorites.

On this Friday, I want to share my absolute favorite  winter running gear. Many of these items are ones that I have had for years, and still have not worn out. They’ve definitely gotten their fair share of use, as I usually rotate between my favorites each week.

Favorite Winter Running Gear and Clothes

My Favorite Winter Running Gear

Outdoor Research Mittens

The Best Winter Running Gear & Clothes

These mittens have literally been game-changers for me. My fingers used to get so cold while I ran. I used to wear three different gloves, layering them up in attempts to keep my fingers from turning white. Once I got these mittens, I couldn’t believe what a difference they made. I no longer have to wear any lighter gloves underneath them, and my fingers stay warm from their own heat. These are the mittens I carry with me in my coat, in the car, and whenever I leave the house now.

Underarmour Hoodie

The Best Winter Running Gear & Clothes

When I first got this hoodie, I really liked it because of the high collar and the fun color. The collar covers your neck, and the sides of your face, keeping the wind away from your skin on those cold days. It took me a few runs to realize that this was also completely water proof, but as soon as I did I knew I wanted to keep it forever. I wore this hoodie on a run one time when it started raining, and was so surprised to see the rain drops literally rolling off of it. It kept me more dry than my ‘waterproof’ lightweight running jackets. All that, plus it’s ridiculously warm.

Patagonia Vest

The Best Winter Running Gear & Clothes

This vest has been one of my favorites since I got it. It feels so lightweight, but still manages to keep me ridiculously warm. It has pockets on the outside as well as the inside, which I love in the winter because it keeps my phone warmer.

Asics Thermal Running Tights

The Best Winter Running Gear & Clothes

These are my go-to leggings for cold temperatures. I used to wear two leggings to run outside on really cold days until I got these. They have definitely gotten their fair share of use, and they are the only leggings I have that are warm enough to get me through the winter. They have two layers, making them extra warm, and zippers at the bottoms which make it easy to get around shoes or thick socks.

Brooks Gortex running shoes

The Best Winter Running Gear & Clothes

I got these running shoes last winter and have been surprised by how well they work! The Gortex material is essentially waterproof, which was great throughout the winter. The snow used to melt and make my feet wet, which would keep my toes cold forever. I wear them even on days in the summer when it’s raining and I know I’ll be stepping in water. My feet have yet to get wet while wearing these shoes, and there have been some pretty big puddles on my path!

Underarmour Base Layer

The Best Winter Running Gear & Clothes

This is a classic base layer that I wear for all extreme cold events – I wear it running, skiing, skating, tubing, etc. It is so basic but really does the trick. It’s skin tight so it’s easy to slide under other clothes and keeps that body heat in!

Having the right gear for winter makes running so much more enjoyable. There is no fun in heading out the door and freezing the entire time! This winter running gear has made my time outdoors so much more enjoyable. Staying warm allows me to focus on the joy of running in the beautiful winter weather.

Happy Friday, folks!

The Best Winter Running Gear
Favorite Winter Running Gear and Clothes
Favorite Winter Running Gear and Clothes

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