The Ultimate 30 Day Plank Challenge

30 Day plank challenge December

As the holidays approach and cold weather looms on the horizon, I know that my workout motivation will begin to slowly decrease. The family activities, parties, holiday shopping, and movies seem much more appealing than heading outside in the dark, cold air to workout. I’ve found that the best way to manage my lessening motivation during the winter is to accept it. For many years, I’ve settled in denial; convincing myself that this year would be different. But, lo and behold, each year I find myself in the same place no matter how hard I fight it. This year, I’m determined to find a way to stay motivated without forcing myself to spend hours burning calories trying to stay in shape. The solution: a 30 day plank challenge.

30 Day Plank Challenge Free Printable

I’ve decided to accept the fact that I will be spending less time sweating out the holiday treats and more time with family watching holiday movies. However, lack of motivation to leave the house doesn’t mean that workouts have to stop entirely – it just means that they will take a different form this season. In an effort to challenge myself yet still be realistic, I’ve created this 30 day plank challenge for the next month.

I’ve always seen these plank challenges posted, but never completed one myself. Planking always leaves me shaking and wobbling after just a few seconds of holding the form. While sit ups and other ab workouts seem manageable, there is something about a plank that really challenges my strength. The past few months, I’ve been incorporating planks into my daily post-run routine while I was training for a marathon. Now that the marathon is over, however, my planks have stopped as well.

In an effort to get back in to the routine, I’m challenging myself (and you!) to complete this 30 day plank challenge starting this month. Throughout the past few months, I’ve finally discovered a way to successfully add time to my planks without feeling like jello. Each week I added just 5 seconds to the length of my plank, and would repeat that time each day of the week. This means I planked for 60 seconds after every run one week, 65 seconds the next, etc. My body responded really well to this method, and I was finally able to break the one minute plank length after years of struggling just to reach it.

Other plank challenges seem intimidating to me – they always look so manageable at the start, but rapidly add time each day until they feel nearly impossible. What I like about this plank challenge is that it adds just a few seconds to the time when it increases. My mind feels more confident heading into a plank knowing it’s only 5 seconds longer than the one I just completed, and the time seems much more manageable.

30 Day Plank Challenge December

Join me this any time of the year in completing this 30 day plank challenge. I am hoping this challenge will finally help me hit that 2 minute mark – a time which I have never been able to complete. In less than two minutes a day, with no supplies needed, we can dramatically strengthen our abs and keep those holiday treats from settling for too long.

Download, print, and join me this month!

30 Day Plank Challenge Free Printable

Strengthen your core and use this time to build a solid strength base before the spring training begins. I am excited about this challenge because I know it will be easy to complete each day in my living room while watching TV. Let’s get strong abs this training season!

December 30 Day Plank Challenge

December 30 Day Plank Challenge

December 30 Day Plank Challenge
December 30 Day Plank Challenge

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