15 Minute Complete Core Workout

Happy Wednesday! It’s really unbelievable that there’s only one Wednesday left of 2017. Is it just me or does it feel like this year just started?! As it gets colder outside I start focusing more on strength workouts rather than cardio sessions. I love taking advantage of the cold months and using this time to build a really solid strength base before running takes off in the spring. One of my favorite areas to focus on for strength is my core.

Today I want to share my favorite core strength moves all combined into one workout. I used to do crunches and planks every day and wonder why my core never looked any stronger. It wasn’t until I started researching different core moves and incorporating them into my workouts that I finally started to notice a difference. This workout combines some HIIT style moves with isometric strengthening moves.

Ever since I’ve incorporated more active ab moves into my weekly routine, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my core strength. Not only does my core look stronger, but it actually is stronger. My running has greatly benefited from having a stronger core as well! All in just 15 minutes, a couple times a week.

Complete Core Workout Ab Exercises

15 Minute Complete Core Workout

  • Ab Bikes – 5015 Minute Complete Core Workout Bicycles
  • Toe Touches – 5015 Minute Complete Core Workout Toe Touches
  • Legs Down (with hip lift) – 25
  • Elbow Plank (with taps) – 45 seconds
  • Straight Leg Situps – 26
  • Left Side Plank (with elbow touch) – 30 seconds
  • Right Side Plank (with elbow touch) – 30 seconds
  • Bent Leg Hip Lifts – 2015 Minute Complete Core Workout
  • Side Crunches – 20 on each side15 Minute Complete Core Workout
  • Windshield Wipers – 40
  • Russian Twists (weighted if you choose) – 50

Repeat all moves x 2

All of these moves can be done on a yoga mat, which sure helps me get motivated. Knowing that I don’t have to go anywhere besides my living room is the best. However, even though you don’t have to jump around much this workout always works up a great sweat.


Complete Core Workout Ab Exercises

15 Minute Core Workout

Complete Core Workout Ab Exercises


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    1. Thank you! I agree, it’s so much easier to incorporate core work when you can do it quickly in your living room, haha. Hopefully this helps!!

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