The Best Workouts to Try in 2018

Best Workouts Strength for Runners

Welcome to the final Wednesday of 2017! Despite all of the failures that came this year, I’d say one of my favorite successes has been finding and creating so many new workouts. While looking through my training log from the past 12 months, I am remembering all the workouts I tried, especially before marathon training, that I’m eager to get back to in the new year! I created a list for myself of the best workouts I tried in order to get them all in one place.

Prior to these past two years, when my running obsession was first coming to fruition, I spent all of my time getting miles in and working up to new goals I’d set for myself. I ran 5-6 days a week, and on the days I wasn’t running I did nothing else. I did a few stretches after each run, but aside from that, I was either running or doing nothing. During this time I found myself in physical therapy two times (in 1 year!) and couldn’t understand why my running was not improving.

Fast forward two years, and I have finally figured out the secret:


Running is awesome, don’t get me wrong. But there are so many other great workouts that help out those muscles you are missing on the run! I am proud of all the workouts I tried this year, and can confidently say that I am 1000% stronger than I was when I first started running (even while running less miles). I can’t wait to continue this trend in the new year, and definitely plan to incorporate a huge variety of the best workouts on those off days from running.

Some of these workouts are specifically targeted for runners – by incorporating moves to strengthen those running specific muscles, or laying out some great speed workouts to try on the run. However, most of these workouts are perfect for anybody! Whether you’re trying to lose weight, find cross training options, maintain fitness, or start running for the first time. And my favorite part about all these workouts, is that they are free. Yahoo!

Here are my 13 of the best workouts that I will definitely incorporate into my fitness plan in 2018.


The Best Workouts to Try in 2018

  1. Runner’s World Yoga: This has been consistently one of my favorite cross training workouts this year! I completed one of these yoga sessions every Monday during marathon training and it helped my running so much. There are plenty of different options on their website, from yoga for beginners, recovery, abs, and more! This is such a great resource.Best Workouts Runner's Yoga
  2. 15 Minute Core Workout: I love love love ab workouts. One of my favorite areas to workout is my core (probably because it helps me feel a little less guilty from all the ice cream I’ve had, haha). This workout is quick and efficient, and always leaves me with a great burn!Best Workouts Core Moves
  3. IronStrength: This is the workout I credit to the beginning of my realization that running is not just about running. I remember the first time I completed this workout I could not walk for 6 days. Literally. Since then I have gotten better at these moves, but they still leave me shaky and sore by the end. I love how this workout is incredibly challenging but too hard that it makes me want to give up.Best Workouts IronStrength
  4. Running Tempo Workouts: I definitely plan to get back to some regular speed work this upcoming year! These tempo and interval workouts are the ones I completed while I trained for my PR half marathon, and they helped me cut nearly 20 minutes off my time. My favorite part about them, though, has to be that they are all really short workouts but so effective!Best Workouts Running Tempo
  5. 8 Minute Abs: I think I have every line of this video memorized. The guy on it is so happy that it makes me happy just listening to his positivity. Everyone has 8 minutes, right?! This is my go to ab workout when I am short on time.Best Workouts 8 Minute Abs
  6. 30 Day Plank Challenges: This year I’ve discovered the joys of workout challenges! After the marathon I was struggling a little bit with having no goal or scheduled workouts to look to at the beginning of the week. Completing a few workout challenges really helped me stay motivated, and this plank challenge was seriously a challenge! I do feel that my core is much stronger after completing it, so it was quite an accomplishment.Best Workouts 30 Day Plank Challenge
  7. Running Hill Workouts: Again, I’m really looking to have a purpose for each and every run this upcoming training season, and hill workouts are another great way to do it. Speedwork in disguise! There area where I live is really hilly, so it’s very easy for me to find somewhere close to complete these runs.Best Workouts Hill Workouts
  8. 15 Minute Dumbbell Workout: My arms are by far the weakest part of my body, and I really want to help change that this year. For some reason, completing cardio, leg and ab workouts seem so much easier than any arm workouts! This workout is the only one I am able to motivate myself to complete, because I can complete it in my living room in just 15 minutes.Best Workout Dumbbell Moves
  9. Runner’s Strength Workout: This was my go to strength workout during marathon training, and has been for the past two years. I learned a lot of these moves in physical therapy when I was recovering from running injuries, and they have stuck with me ever since. This workout isn’t so intense that it will leave you sore, which is great if you have a run scheduled the next day, but it definitely does the trick!Best Workouts Strength for Runners
  10. 45 Minute Spin Workout: Last Christmas I got a spin bike as a gift, and absolutely loved it in the winter! When running didn’t seem possible because of bad weather, the spin bike helped me get in a similar cardio workout. This workout especially really gets my heart pumping and I can’t wait to get back at it in the coming months!Best Workouts Spin Bike
  11. Hip & Hamstring Workout: The two weakest running muscles for me are definitely my hips and hamstrings. These are always the areas where I feel ‘hot spots’ during training, and the areas that are hardest to stretch out. This workout targets these areas and helps maintain consistent strength!Best Workouts Hip and Hamstring Moves
  12. 25 Minute HIIT Workout: If you’re looking for a workout to get your heart pumping and burn some calories, this is it. HIIT workouts always make me feel like I’ve really accomplished something because I walk away from them ridiculously sweaty. This is another great substitute for cardio that you may be missing due to the weather!Best Workouts HIIT Moves
  13. Alphabet Workout: This workout is one of the most fun ones, because you never know what moves you’ll end up doing. You can make it as short or long as you’d like, depending on what word you’re spelling. I can’t wait to incorporate these moves throughout the week!Best Workouts Alphabet Moves

I could keep going, but I think 13 will do for now. Those are my favorites of all the workouts I tried this past year, and the ones that I already have scheduled into my fitness plan for the new year! I can’t wait to get started with a fresh plan and endless possibilities.


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Best Workouts for the New Year



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  1. Why are arm workouts SO hard? They are probably my least favorite muscle group to work as well! But I love all these workout ideas! I struggle with cross-training, so thats definitely something that I want to incorporate more of this training season as well!

    Thanks for sharing and letting me know I’m not the only one that struggles with this!

    1. No kidding! I’m so glad to hear I’m not alone with the arm workout struggle, haha 😉 for some reason it’s so much harder to get those kind of workouts in! I think we get spoiled being able to just run out the door and get a workout in so everything else seems to take so much more work. Thanks for the comment! Good luck with those arm workouts!!

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