2018 Running Plans

2018 Running Plans

As each new day begins, I find myself constantly having to check the date on my phone. I can’t believe this month is already halfway over! (I’m sure I sound like a broken record). Since 2018 is now officially underway, it’s time to start planning out the year in running. Making running plans is one of my favorite things to do at the beginning of each year.

I set some running goals for myself at the beginning of the year, so I am definitely taking them into account when planning races. Last year the biggest obstacle that prevented me from accomplishing some of my goals was the lack of planning. I wanted to PR in the half marathon but failed to plan one ahead of time – whoops!

This year I am excited for the blank canvas of opportunities! I love the feeling of having a multitude of open months that can be filled with any sort of race and distance.

Many of these races are not set in stone yet, but I’ve finally at least narrowed them down.

2018 Running Plans & Races

2018 Running Plans

April 7th – Chi Town Half Marathon

  • I haven’t registered for this race yet but am hoping to run a half at some point during the late winter/early spring. After a lot of research this one looks like it will be the most fun, so I’m keeping it on my radar until I decide to sign up (surprise, mom;)!

May 12th – Fifth Third Riverbank 25k

  • This race is in my favorite city – Grand Rapids – and takes place on my birthday! One of my goals is to run a weird-distance race at some point this year (automatic PR) so this one was an easy choice! Since a 25k is 15.5 miles, I thought this would be a great way to push myself without going to the extreme of a marathon. My family and I ran the 10k back in 2013 and the race has just gotten bigger and bigger each year since!2018 Running Plans

May 26th – Bayshore Half Marathon

  • I hope to attempt to PR during this race, but that may change depending on how training and recovery go for the 25k. I ran the marathon in 2015 and the course was so beautiful that I can’t wait to go back!2018 Running Plans


  • 5ks and local races! I plan to spend the summer running shorter distances before training starts for a fall race. Hopefully I will find a 5k to officially record my time (since I have never actually raced a 5k before).

Fall Marathon/Race – I’m currently deciding between these 4:

  • October 7th – Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon
    • For some reason I’ve always wanted to visit Milwaukee! I’ve heard great things about the crowds for this race, and it wouldn’t be too far of a drive from Michigan.
  • October 19th-21st – Runner’s World Festival (Hat Trick = 22.4 miles)
    • My mom and I ran this in 2016 and had so much fun! The atmosphere is the best, plus the weather and location was beautiful. It wouldn’t be the same as running a marathon, but is very tempting since the overall distance winds up being similar.2018 Running Plans
  • October 21st – Detroit Freepress MarathonI ran this marathon in 2015 and loved every second of it. It’s not a far drive from where we live, plus the course and crowds were fantastic. I’m keeping this race on my radar in case I want to run a closer race to avoid travel costs and logistics.2018 Running Plans
  • October 28th – Marine Corps Marathon The Lottery opens in March so if this ends up being my top choice I will enter the lottery and then sign up for one of the other races if I don’t get in.

Has anyone run any of these races? I’d love to hear some of your thoughts. Deciding running plans always feels like such a huge decision for me. Hello, pro/con lists 🙂

2018 Running Plans & Races

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    1. It was great! We lucked out and the weather was beautiful. The hills were definitely a bit of a challenge though, haha.

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