30 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas for Runners

These Christmas gift ideas for runners will help you give your runner everything they want this holiday season. This awesome gift guide is full of fun stocking stuffers and gifts for men and women runners alike! Check out these simple gift ideas to spoil the runner in your life rotten. #giftsforrunners #runninggifts #giftideasforrunners #giftguideforrunners

If you have a runner in your life, you’ve no doubt realized how obsessed they are with their sport. As you hear about their running, see race pictures and learn intimate details about their runs (that you probably wish you didn’t know), it’s easy to see how much the sport means to them.

Luckily, finding Christmas gifts for runners is easy whether you share their obsession or not!

Christmas is the best time to spoil your runners with some of their favorite gadgets and gear. There are so many Christmas gift ideas for runners besides just new running clothes!

This Christmas gift guide will give you some unique gift ideas for any runner in your life – whether they’re male or female, fast or slow, young or old.

Give them something they’ll never forget this season with an awesome running present.

Below is a list of some of the most awesome, creative Christmas gifts ideas for runners. Whether your runner is an intense competitor, long distance runner, or just runs to stay in shape – there is something here that they will love. Check out this Christmas gift guide for runners!

These Christmas gift ideas for runners will help you give your runner everything they want this holiday season. This awesome gift guide is full of fun stocking stuffers and gifts for men and women runners alike! Check out these simple gift ideas to spoil the runner in your life rotten. #giftsforrunners #runninggifts #giftideasforrunners #giftguideforrunners

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Runners

Wireless Headphones

All runners love some inspiring music while they sweat it out on the trails or treadmill. If your runner loves to listen to music on the run, some wireless headphones will make their jam session even more convenient. There are so many headphone options, but these are two of my favorites. Help your runner feel inspired and motivated on the run!


Jaybird Wireless Headphones

Bib & Medal Displays

The perfect gift for runners! These medal and bib displays will give the runner in your life a place to show off all of their bling from those races. They can keep their race bibs in the display as well, providing a really convenient place to store all those memories. If your runner has put in the work to complete one race or many, give them a place to show off those hard earned medals. These are two of my favorites:

Running Medal Display Hanger

Running Medal Display Case

Bib Folio

If your runner already has a space for their bling, this Bib Folio is a great idea. This gives runners a place to store those bibs that they doesn’t want to throw away, but still doesn’t know what to do with. I love these Bib Folios because they are a simple way to keep your bibs easily accessible, while keeping them organized and looking cute.

RUN Bib Folio Display

Water Bottles

Most runners make a point to stay hydrated, both on the run and throughout the day. Giving them a water bottle that will keep things cold during and after their runs will help them stay healthy as they rack up all their mileage. There are so many to choose from, but it’s hard to go wrong with either of these stylish, convenient options!

Hydro Flask

Nathan Handheld Bottle

Running Jewelry

Just about all women love jewelry – so if you know a female runner, they probably do too. Finding a unique piece of jewelry like the ones below will help them celebrate their awesome hobby. These earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are a great way to show off her hobby in style.

Running Stick Figure Earrings

Running Stick Figure Necklace

Running Charm Bracelet


Inspirational Shoe Tags

Just about every runner tests their limits and pushes their physical capabilities at some point. And when they do, a little inspiration can work wonders to help them keep going. These inspirational shoe tags attach to the laces of their running shoes to give them an inspirational message when they look down. If you’re looking for a creative gift to give your runner that they’ll never expect, these shoe tags are a great choice!

Shoe Tag Messages

Recovery Tools

Foam rollers are always make a great gift idea for runners. Runners use them all the time, and with so many different options they can never have too many recovery tools. Choose from different types of foam rollers, like the dense, classic type, to rollers with many different features. Any and all of these tools are great for long distance runners or those working hard to increase their speed!

If your running is looking for a classic foam roller, you can’t go wrong with a Grid or High Density Rollers. These foam rollers can really make a difference for those who are willing to put in the work of rolling their tired muscles. If you want to really surprise your runner with something they’ll appreciate, check out VIBE rollers. These foam rollers come in various sizes, but my favorite is the peanut size. These rollers vibrate, helping maximize benefits and speed up the recovery process. The peanut size is convenient and much easier to use than a standard sized foam roller. VIBE rollers are a great gift for any runner to take away some of the chores of foam rolling!

Grid Foam Roller

VIBE Peanut Roller

High Density Foam Roller

The Stick

Running Cookbooks

If your runner loves to run, they no doubt love to eat as well. These two cookbooks couldn’t be more perfect for them. There’s nothing they’ll love more than combining two things they loves! Both of these cookbooks are filled with delicious, healthy recipes for runners. These meals will keep them fueled and strong to continue logging all those miles.

Meals on the Run Cookbook

Run Fast Eat Slow Cookbook

Running Books

There are so many running books out there that it can be hard to choose which one to start with. Luckily, just about any running story you find is an inspirational one of some sort! Whether the author inspires readers by writing about their personal running journey, sharing unique techniques and strategies, or writes about others, it’s hard to go wrong with a running book. Here are a few of my absolute favorite running books to get started.

My Life on the Run by Bart Yasso

Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong

The Long Run by Matt Long

Marathon Man by Bill Rodgers

Running Mugs

If your loved one is one of those crazy, early morning runners, they no doubt love coffee. This coffee mug and tumbler will keep their coffee warm while representing their beloved hobby. Coffee is a necessity before those long runs, so help them drink coffee in style and stay motivated while doing so.

Gone For a Run Mug

Run! But First Coffee Tumbler

Recovery Shoes

These shoes are a great surprise gift that any runner may not even know they need – until they try them. If your runner has a race coming up or is training for long distances, these shoes will offer them the perfect amount of comfort and recovery after all those miles. These are easy to slip on after a race, or at home and outside when the weather is warm.

Recovery Sandals


There’s nothing worse than being stuck outside with no sunglasses, and runners experience that feeling entirely too often! These Goodr sunglasses are perfect for running – they are lightweight, don’t slip, and an incredible deal. If the runner in your life has never experienced the relief of running with some well fitted sunglasses, these Goodr glasses are a great Christmas gift idea!

Goodr Sunglasses

Running Themed Shirts

There are so many to choose from, but these are some of my favorites! Give your runner a Christmas gift that is unique to them and their personality. There are so many different fun sayings on these shirts. Celebrate their half marathon or marathon accomplishments, their love of coffee, craziness, or anything in between. There is a perfect shirt for every runner!

Run Heart Runner’s Tee

Run Off the Crazy Tank

13.1 Long Sleeve

Run But First Coffee Tee

Running Themed Pillow

Maybe your loved one already has all the running gadgets they need. If so, this pillow is the perfect Christmas gift idea. Rather than buying a new gadget, give your runner this pillow to display on their bed or in the living room.

Love Running Pillow

The Christmas gift possibilities for runners are truly endless! Get creative this year and really surprise your fellow runners. Taking the time to find the perfect gift for the runner in your life will make their Christmas Day even more special. Surprising the runner you love with a unique Christmas gift will show them how much you really care about them – even if you don’t quite understand their obsession.

More running gift possibilities:

These Christmas gift ideas for runners will help you give your runner everything they want this holiday season. This awesome gift guide is full of fun stocking stuffers and gifts for men and women runners alike! Check out these simple gift ideas to spoil the runner in your life rotten. #giftsforrunners #runninggifts #giftideasforrunners #giftguideforrunners

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