25k Training Recap: Week 1


Week one of my new training plan is officially complete! I am so happy to be back to a training plan. I love nothing more than structured workouts and crossing days off a plan. Since completing the New York City Marathon in November, I’ve significantly decreased my mileage. Winter is always the time when I want to hibernate, and the completion of the marathon came at a great time. The increased darkness and chilly temperatures combined with marathon recovery worked perfectly together.

After about two months of recovery, I was completely ready to begin to increase my mileage again. My legs were feeling fresh and my mind was ready to get back outside more regularly. Week one of 25k training is now complete, and I have one thing to say about the runs in particular: they were HARD. A few weeks ago it seemed like spring was returning to Michigan, but that certainly changed this past week.

We got at least 12 inches of snow throughout the course of the week, and temperatures dipped back down to bitter cold. My planned runs somehow always managed to fall right after a heavy snowfall. I have yet to find a shoveled sidewalk or completely plowed road, so each run left me trudging through fairly deep snow. The snow was slippery, so staying upright and keeping my feet from sliding was the big challenge on each run.

(Download my 25k Training Plan here!)

With all that being said, it still feels so great to have a few runs under my belt and get back to a routine. I am looking forward to the next few weeks of training, and getting stronger from the challenges they may bring.

Here is how week 1 of training played out for me.

25k Training Recap: Week 1

Monday, 2/5: 30 minute leg workout – I completed one of my favorites that can be found here! This was my last week finishing up a 12 week cross training plan. This workout left my legs a little tired, but not nearly as sore as they were when I first started!

25k Training Recap Week 1: Monday - 20 Minute Bodyweight Leg Workout

Tuesday, 2/6: 4 miles. This run was HARD. The snow was falling while I ran, which was beautiful, but nothing had been plowed or shoveled. I’m sure I got a bit of cross training on this run as well, as my calves and hips were working in overdrive to navigate the deep snow and keep me upright.

Can you see the road? … neither could I 😉

25k Training Recap Week 1: Tuesday - 4 mile run

25k Training Recap Week 1: Tuesday - 4 mile run

Wednesday, 2/7: 30 minutes of Yoga – I completed Runner’s World Recovery Yoga. This is one of my favorite yoga routines! It hits all of the spots that my body really needs, and I always feel a million times better (mentally and physically) afterwards.

25k Training Recap Week 1: Wednesday - Yoga

Thursday, 2/8: 3 miles. This run somehow also managed to fall right after another snowfall, so it was pretty similar to Tuesday. The slippery roads took me less by surprise this time though, so I felt much more mentally prepared. It’s funny what your body can get used to.

25k Training Recap Week 1: Thursday - 3 mile run

Friday, 2/9: Core workout – I completed the workout found here! This was another workout to finish up my 12 week cross training plan, and officially the last one. I LOVE these kind of ab workouts because I actually see results. Now that my cross training plan is finished, I plan to incorporate core workouts at least once a week on yoga days.

Saturday, 2/10: Rest!

Sunday, 2/11: 50 minute spin workout. I was supposed to run 5 miles today but we got another significant snowfall in the morning! We had probably about 10-12 inches on the ground and got another 4 or so Saturday night/Sunday morning. It was still snowing when I was ready to run and nothing had been shoveled or plowed, so I decided to swap my run for some cross training. I know running in deep snow changes my gait and stride so I always worry that too much of it may lead to injury! I feel a little guilty for missing a run so soon into training but know there are plenty more to come.

25k Training Recap Week 1: Spin Workout

(I forgot to take a picture during my workout so I used an old one;).

Feel free to download my 25k Training Plan!

25k Training Plan

I’m excited to continue this training plan and see progress along the way. This week was a challenge for my mental game but I am feeling much more confident as we begin a new week. Happy Monday!

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  1. I found your training plan and decided to give it a try. I’m running back to back half marathons in April….so I’ll tweek it a little to get used to doubles. Anyway….strength training. Do you do all the excercises you have posted? And what are “left side leg lifts alternating legs?” Is it from a plank position? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Darra – Good luck with your back to back half marathons!! Hopefully this training plan works well for you – I used it to complete a 25k and half marathon back to back so hopefully you won’t have to do much tweaking! I do complete all of the exercises I have posted one time each week during the designated strength day. The “left side leg lifts” sound complicated but are actually quite simple. All you do is lie on your left side with your legs stacked, and simply raise your top leg (while keeping it straight) the designated amount of times, and then raise your lower leg (while keeping it straight) the designated number of times. You’ll need to bend your top leg slightly to make room for your bottom leg to move up and down during the lower leg lifts. You can find pictures of this exercise on this post: https://runninforsweets.com/2018/08/15/strength-training-for-runners/

      Hopefully this helps! Good luck with your winter and spring training! 🙂

    1. Oh yes, that yoga workout is one of my favorites! It’s only 30 minutes but I always feel a million times better afterwards.

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