25k Training Recap: Week 13

This week of training was spent recovering after a race! Check out this 25k training recap for some easy miles and extra cross training.

This week was a somewhat strange week of 25k training, as I was recovering from one race while still attempting to train for another. I headed into this week not knowing how my body would feel and decided to take training one day at a time.

Recovery from the Martian Half Marathon went pretty smoothly, and I was able to ease back into running with some easy miles this week.

I decided to shorten my final long run of 25k training since my body was still slowly making a comeback after the half last weekend, and took things easier than originally planned this week.

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This easy recovery week came at a perfect time, giving me extra time during this busy Easter weekend and helping me avoid spending too many miles out in the rain.

Check out my 25k training recap for week 13!

25k Training Recap: Week 13

Monday, 4/15 – Yoga

This yoga sequence has been a staple in my training plan for any marathon or long distance race. Regardless of the training plan, I will always incorporate this yoga routine on a weekly basis. Since I began including it regularly into my training, I have yet to become injured (knock on wood). It targets all of the most needed areas for runners and really helps me mentally prepare for the week ahead!

There is nothing more satisfying than completing some easy yoga and stretching after a race! This yoga routine was a great way to start off the week. My legs were feeling pretty good, but there were definitely a few hot spots that really needed this stretch.

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Tuesday, 4/16 – 4 miles

I decided to test the waters at the beginning of the week with a short, easy run. My right knee was feeling a little wonky at the beginning of this run, but the pain faded as it progressed. Overall, this run was really slow and easy, but exactly what I needed to make a recovery without causing any injuries before the next race.

This week of training was spent recovering after a race! Check out this 25k training recap for some easy miles and extra cross training.

Wednesday, 4/17 – Strength Workout

This strength workout is another one of my favorites. I love how these exercises target the most neglected and injury prone areas of the body, and have found a great deal of pain free success since I began completing this workout on a regular basis.

My left knee randomly started hurting during this workout, which was weird because it hadn’t been giving me any problems on the run. Besides the knee pain, my body felt pretty strong during each exercise. My hips are definitely a weak spot that I plan to target over these next few weeks.

Check out the strength workout here!?

Thursday, 4/18 – Cross training

I swapped a few things around this week to give myself an easy “recovery” week, and added in another mid-week cross training workout instead of a run. I completed this 30 minute workout and it was a great challenge! My heart was really pumping after just a few minutes of these exercises, and it was a great sweat session.

I love swapping out some miles for cross training when recovering from long distance races. This really helps my body maintain fitness while still giving my legs the time they need to fully recover.

This week of training was spent recovering after a race! Check out this 25k training recap for some easy miles and extra cross training.

Friday, 4/19 – 4 miles

After a few extra days off, I headed out for a short run to see how things were feeling! Overall, my body felt great and there were no aches and pains. These miles were slow, but I was happy to be feeling good after the half. I was able to fit this run in during a dry hour before the rain arrived in full force for the next few days!

Saturday, 4/20 – Rest

I skipped my scheduled weekend long run for a multitude of reasons, but am really happy with my decision. Ultimately, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t do too much too soon after the half, and knew that my body would still be ready for another race in two weeks since I’d just run a long run the previous weekend.

This weekend was also pretty busy with Easter celebrations, and Saturday was filled with cold rain. I am happy with my decision to scale things back this weekend and feeling ambitious and ready for a new week of running after a short break!

Sunday, 4/21 – Rest

After a busy weekend spent celebrating the Easter holiday, I’m eager to get back in the routine of things and see how training goes these last few weeks.

The weather this upcoming week looks much more promising than last week, so fingers crossed we have some motivating running weather! Here’s to the start of warmer running and plenty of spring races.

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