25k Training Recap: Week 14

eek 14 was the beginning of taper leading up to race day! Check out how I'm spending my taper time in this 25k training recap.

This week was a really chill week in terms of running. I took an extra rest day, ran some easy miles, fit in a lot of cross training, and am actually feeling better about running than before.

Sometimes it can be hard to stray from the training plan, but I’ve learned the importance of listening to my body these past few years and never regret the times that I choose to adjust.

This week was a pretty slow, sluggish week, so I adjusted my training accordingly. I added an extra strength workout and some daily walks and am still feeling prepared for race day!

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With just a week to go, I’m enjoying these shorter runs during taper and mentally preparing myself for race day. Despite a few adjusted long runs along the way, I feel confident and prepared for the race.

Check out my 25k training recap for week 14!

25k Training Recap: Week 14

Monday, 4/22 – Yoga

This yoga sequence has been a staple in my training plan for any marathon or long distance race. Regardless of the training plan, I will always incorporate this yoga routine on a weekly basis. Since I began including it regularly into my training, I have yet to become injured (knock on wood). It targets all of the most needed areas for runners and really helps me mentally prepare for the week ahead!

My body really loved yoga this week. I could feel my muscles lengthening and stretching with each pose, which was awesome. This yoga routine has definitely helped increase my strength and balance since I’ve began incorporating it in my training on a regular basis. I love how this strength translates to running both mentally and physically!

Check out the yoga poses here!

Tuesday, 4/23 – 3 miles

This was the first time running outside in shorts since last fall and boy did it feel great! I wasn’t very motivated to get ready, but as soon as I got started I was so glad to be running. The sunshine and warmth brought such a welcomed change after a long winter running season. These miles were slow but it was a great taper run! It may not look pretty yet, but spring is definitely here.

eek 14 was the beginning of taper leading up to race day! Check out how I'm spending my taper time in this 25k training recap.

Wednesday, 4/24 – Strength Workout

This strength workout is another one of my favorites. I love how these exercises target the most neglected and injury prone areas of the body, and have found a great deal of pain free success since I began completing this workout on a regular basis.

My body felt so much stronger this week than last. The pain in my knee was completely gone and my hips are feeling much looser. I love seeing the improvements and strength gains each week with this workout.

Check out the strength workout here!?

Thursday, 4/25 – Cross training

A mix of cold weather, rain and a busy day had me feeling sluggish and unmotivated all day long. I decided to swap out my short run with a cross training workout to gain some strength and it ended up being a great challenge.

I completed a mix of bodyweight exercises that alternated between cardio, legs and arm and boy were my muscles burning by the end! It’s been a while since I’ve done any dumbbell exercises, so my arms were definitely feeling it the next day. This was a great workout!

Friday, 4/26 – 5 miles

My final “long run” of this training plan was not a long run at all! I love that last weekend before a race when the long run is so much shorter than you are used to. The run ended up feeling surprisingly good and I finished knowing that I definitely could have run further. The chilly weather was back for this run, but overall it still felt great.

eek 14 was the beginning of taper leading up to race day! Check out how I'm spending my taper time in this 25k training recap.

Saturday, 4/27 – Rest

We had a busy day filled with a bridal shower and having people over to our house, so I was glad I opted to complete my run on Friday. I decided to take Saturday as a complete rest day and just enjoy the company!

Sunday, 4/28 – Rest

My favorite thing about running races for fun is the low-stress levels leading up to race day. We are officially just one week away from the race and I am excited and not feeling anxious at all!

This race week will be different than most, especially since I have run this race before. I plan to enjoy the last couple taper runs and take things easy this week. Here’s to running for fun and enjoying every second!

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