25k Training Recap: Week 2

25k Training Recap Week 2

Today begins a new week, and brings to a close the second week of 25k trainingWeek one of training was a bit more challenging than I expected, but this week has me feeling back on track. The temperature warmed up a bit this week, at times to nearly 40 degrees, so the snow has finally melted off the sidewalks and roads. While I definitely love having snow on the ground, I’m glad that the roads are finally snow free.

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After missing the “long run” of week one, this week’s mileage is finally back on track. My mileage still has not increased significantly, but it is nice to get back out there for runs that are longer than 4 miles. This week was also my first week of official speed work! My plan includes the same interval workouts I completed when training for a half marathon where I cut nearly 20 minutes off my PR. I am excited to see what I can accomplish with these workouts!

Winter running is never truly easy, but the adverse conditions will only make spring racing feel that much easier. I am grateful for the cold temperatures and snow covered paths now to build strength and increase confidence!

Here is how week 2 of training played out for me.

25k Training Recap: Week 2

Monday, 2/5: 30 minutes of Runner’s World Recovery Yoga + 8 Minute Abs workout. This yoga routine was a game changer for me during marathon training, and I can already tell that it will be very helpful with this new training plan. The routine targets all my tight muscles and helps alleviate any remaining tension created by running through the snow. The 8 minute abs workout is my favorite to complete – it is so efficient in just 8 minutes!

25k Training Recap: Week 2 - Yoga 25k Training Recap: Week 2 - 8 minute abs

Tuesday, 2/6: Strength Workout + 2.5 miles with 4 x 400s. I didn’t originally plan to complete two workouts, but when looking ahead on my training plan I knew I’d have a busy weekend and thought it would be ideal if I could get all my workouts done by Friday. I completed my favorite strength workout, found here in the morning, and then my first interval run of the training plan in the evening. My goal was to run the 400s based on feel to get an idea of where my current fitness level is. Turns out it’s really hard to run intervals in snow and slush, so it took a little more effort than usual. Overall I was really happy with how this run went though!

25k Training Recap: Week 2 - 4 x 400s Interval Run

Wednesday, 2/7: 4 miles. After a week of freezing, snowy weather, today’s run felt very strange. The temperature was in the 40s and it felt like spring! I am grateful that the roads were finally clear of snow, which made the miles feel much easier. This 4 mile run still felt a little sluggish, but went much smoother than last week’s!

25k Training Recap: Week 2 - 4 mile run

Thursday, 2/8: Cross training – ab workout. I completed 2 rounds of this core workout and was surprised how quickly my abs started burning! I planned to do 3 rounds of it, but after the first few moves I knew that it was going to be much more effective than I originally anticipated. My abs were definitely sore the next day!

25k Training Recap: Week 2 - Cross Training Core Workout

Friday, 2/9: 5 miles. My run was originally scheduled for Saturday, but since we were going out of town I was glad to have time to fit it in on Friday before we left. This 5 mile run was the farthest I’ve run since the New York City Marathon and I could definitely tell! It felt good to finally increase my mileage again though.

25k Training Recap: Week 2 - 5 mile run

Saturday, 2/10: 4 miles of walking around South Haven. We traveled to Lake Michigan on Friday night and stayed overnight in one of my favorite beach towns! We walked from downtown to the pier and along the lake. It was so cool to see the frozen sand and waves!

25k Training Recap: Week 2 - cross training

Sunday, 2/11: Rest!

I’m happy to finally be increasing my mileage again, and it sure feels nice to complete all the workouts as planned without having to modify any. Here’s to a new week of training. Happy Monday!

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