25k Training Recap: Week 3

25k Training Recap: Week 3 Workouts and Runs

Today begins a new week, and brings to a close the third week of 25k training. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been running consistently again for three weeks already! Week one of this training plan definitely started off with a bang that included 12+ inches of snow, causing me to have to rearrange my scheduled workouts! After missing my “long run” the first week, it was nice to get back on track with week two. Week two of training was more consistent and brought a rise in temperatures and an ugly slushy mix of mud and snow. (Gotta love Michigan winters)!

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This past week of training was exactly what I needed to get me back in the game and really begin to form a routine. Week three of training was the best so far, and I certainly hope the trend continues. I’ve been having a few aches and pains in random places and am keeping my fingers crossed that after a rest day and some yoga they will be gone. Marathon training really took a toll on my body and it sure is taking a while to build my running base back to where it used to be.

The weather this week was much more manageable and I am looking forward to more runs with snow-free sidewalks! We definitely got a taste of spring this past week and I am looking forward to the upcoming season of running.

Here is how week 3 of training played out for me.

25k Training Recap: Week 3

Monday, 2/19: 30 minutes of yoga + 8 minute abs. I am definitely a creature of routine – I completed my favorite Recovery Yoga sequence from Runner’s World and the 8 minute abs workout again. This yoga sequence was a game changer during marathon training once I started incorporating it into my training plan, and I’m hoping it continues to work wonders as a new training plan begins. This sequence hits all the muscles I need it to and really helps me feel grounded as a new week begins.

25k Training Recap: Week 3 - Yoga and Ab Workout

Tuesday, 2/20: 2.75 miles with 5 x 400s. I’m taking advantage of these short workouts while I can! I ran a quarter mile warm up, followed by a 400 meter (quarter mile) “sprint” and a 400 meter recovery jog, repeated 5 times. This workout went much better than last week’s 4 x 400s, since all of the snow had melted from the roads and sidewalks. It was raining pretty hard outside but the temperature was in the low 60s. There was a ton of humidity and it almost felt like summer! This workout really helped me get out all my stress from this past weekend.

25k Training Recap: Week 3 - 5 x 400s Interval Run Workout

Wednesday, 2/21: Strength workout. Here’s my love of routine again – I completed my favorite Strength Workout for Runners again and plan to continue this on Wednesdays up until race day. This workout has helped me avoid injury for five marathons now, and I certainly hope to continue that trend (knock on wood). I love feeling how this workout gets easier and takes less time to complete each week!

25k Training Recap: Week 3 - Strengths workout

Thursday, 2/22: 4 miles. This run felt like it took forever and my legs were really sluggish throughout. I felt a million times better once I had completed it, but during was a whole different story. Since this was my first full week of giving up sugar, I think my fueling was a little off and I felt hungry this entire run. Trying to replace all the calories I was getting from sugary treats is still a work in progress.

25k Training Recap: Week 3 - 4 Mile Run

Friday, 2/23: Cross train – the Ultimate HIIT Workout from the New Iron Strength DVD. I wanted to get in a really sweaty cardio workout but knew that the actual Iron Strength workout would leave me super sore, so I opted for another workout on the new dvd. I have completed all of these workouts before, but it’s been about a year since I’ve done one so I totally forgot what each of them were like. Turns out this one was pretty intense too and my legs were shaking by the end! I definitely got in a great workout though.

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Saturday, 2/24: 6 miles. This is the longest I’ve run since the marathon but it went pretty well! This run felt so much easier than Thursday’s sluggish miles. The weather was in the mid 30s and cloudy, which ended up being great running weather. I am looking forward to increasing my long run mileage!

25k Training Recap: Week 3 - 6 Mile Run

Sunday, 2/25: Rest!

It feels so nice to get all my workouts in this week without any rearranging or modifying. It always takes me a few weeks to get into the groove of a new training plan, and I am glad to finally feel like I am settled in this new routine. Here’s to a new week of training. Happy Monday!

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  1. Ahh!! Didn’t know you actually bit the bullet and gave up the sugar! How are you feeling?! Make sure you are getting plenty of good fat especially, that will help a ton! And hydrate and hydrate!

    1. Yes!! I am on day 11/40! Last week was really challenging (I think because that was when I realized that 40 days was actually much longer than I thought, haha) but now I am starting to get used to it. The biggest challenge has been finding non sugary snacks to replace the many calories that I used to eat daily from dessert!

      And thanks for the tips, I definitely need to find snacks with more fat instead of just carbohydrates! I am so curious how I will feel by the end of the 40 days – so far so good though!

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