25k Training Recap: Week 4

25k Training Week 4 Workouts and Runs

Today begins a new week, and brings to a close the fourth week of 25k training. This week took some rearranging, but I still managed to get all the workouts in. We had a mix of beautiful spring weather combined with a weird winter snow/rain storm partway through the week this week. The spring weather was just what I needed for some extra motivation to get out the door! I am looking forward to the extra hours of daylight and sunshine that March is going to bring.

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After feeling a little more settled last week during week 3, I feel like I am finally back in the groove of training again. Each time I finish a race, I look forward to taking some time off, but this time I was more than ready to build my running base and get back to a consistent routine.

Here is how week 4 of training played out for me.

25k Training Recap: Week 4

Monday, 2/26: 30 minutes of yoga. I am loving starting the week off with yoga. I completed my favorite Recovery Yoga sequence from Runner’s World. This yoga sequence was a game changer during marathon training once I started incorporating it into my training plan, and I’m hoping it continues to work wonders as a new training plan begins. This sequence hits all the muscles I need it to and really helps me feel grounded as a new week begins.

25k Training - Week 4: Recovery Yoga

Tuesday, 2/27: 3.45 mile tempo run. I started with a 2.5 minute warm up, before a 30 minute tempo run. I was so happy with how this went! Tempo runs are usually my weakness because I never push myself enough during this time. I remember the first mile of feeling great and looking down at my watch to be surprised that I was running faster than expected. I died out a little bit on the hills on the way back, but I still managed to run negative splits which was my goal. Plus, it was 60 degrees and sunny so I wore SHORTS for this run!

25k Training - Week 4: 30 Minute Tempo Run

Wednesday, 2/28: Strength workout + 8 minute abs. I completed my favorite Strength Workout for Runners again and plan to continue this on Wednesdays up until race day. This week was the first time I brought back in my resistance band and usual weights, and it felt great. This workout has helped me avoid injury for five marathons now, and I certainly hope to continue that trend (knock on wood). I love feeling how this workout gets easier and takes less time to complete each week!

25k Training: Week 4: Strength Workout

Thursday, 3/1: Cross Training – Ultimate HIIT in 20 + Complete Core Workout. I completed the Ultimate HIIT in 20 minutes workout from the New Iron Strength DVD, along with my favorite 15 minute Complete Core Workout. I ended up switching my scheduled run day for cross training because it was raining all morning, and then the rain turned into the biggest snowflakes I’ve ever seen! Not much accumulated but I really didn’t want to run outside in the cold rain. It had been about a year since I’d done the Complete HIIT workout from the DVD so I couldn’t remember what all it included before starting. It turned out to be quite a leg workout and I could feel it for a few days after! So many squats. After this workout I did a quick 15 minute core workout that left my abs burning after just a few minutes.

Friday, 3/2: 5 miles. It was beautiful and sunny outside for this run but I think I underestimated how cold it actually was! I almost stopped back home to get some more layers after about a mile but decided to tough it out and I ended up warming up. It took me a couple miles to get into this run but once I did it felt so easy! It was one of those almost perfect runs where it felt like I could run forever.

25k Training - Week 4: 5 mile run

Saturday, 3/3: 8 miles. I ran this in the afternoon and was so worried that it would be a rough run since I never have any luck running after lunch, but it turned out to be much better than expected. It was sunny and beautiful outside! The first 4 miles flew by, and while the way back was a bit more challenging, it was so much easier than I anticipated. Aside from a couple tough spots, this run was a great one.

Sunday, 3/4: Rest!

This week took a little bit of rearranging but ended up working out just as well. It feels so great to finally be running farther than my usual 4-6 miles, and I can’t wait to continue! It’s hard to believe it’s March already, but that means the 25k is just about 6 weeks away. Happy Monday!

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