25k Training Recap: Week 5

25k Training Week 5: Long Runs, Tempo Runs, Intervals, Speedwork, Cross Training and Strength Training

March is on a roll and already feels like it’s flying by! Today begins a new week, as week 5 of 25k training wraps up. The winter weather came back this week with colder temperatures and a light dusting of snow. While I am definitely excited for spring, every time the snow returns I remember how pretty it is. We didn’t get enough to make the roads or sidewalks slippery, for which I am very grateful.

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This week brought my first double digit run since the New York City Marathon, and I am so happy with how easy it feels to be increasing my mileage again. Running really challenges us mentally in all times, no matter the circumstance. It would be so easy to get in my head about feeling tired after 10 miles, when just a few months ago I could run 20 in the heat with ease. I have made a point this training season to appreciate where I am and the progress my body is making after recovering from the marathon.

Week 4 of training really helped me feel more settled in training and excited that my long run is now past the halfway point of the race distance. This past week just continued that trend! Here is how week 5 of training played out for me.

25k Training Recap: Week 5

Monday, 3/5: 30 minutes of yoga + 1.5 mile walk. I am loving starting the week off with yoga. I completed my usual Recovery Yoga sequence from Runner’s World. I always feel 10000% better after finishing this yoga sequence and I especially love the neck and leg stretches. It is interesting to see how my body feels different each week when I start this yoga sequence. Yoga never fails to remind me that there is always more stretching or recovering that I could be doing!

25k Training Week 5: Yoga for Runners

Tuesday, 3/6: 3.5 miles with 6 x 400s. I ran .25 mile warm up and then accidentally stopped my watch instead of lapping it. I started running my first interval and told myself not to look down at my watch until it beeped, but finally checked it when I thought I had already run more than a 400 – only to discover that it was stopped! Ugh. Since I know the distance around my neighborhood pretty well, I figured out that I ran almost exactly .25 mile extra. This really slowed me down because once I started my watch again I had to run another 400 interval to get in sync with the workout I had already programmed into my watch. This was one of those speed workouts where I felt like my body just wouldn’t go any faster. I guess after having 3 really great speed workouts in a row, it was time for one that was a struggle! I was really proud of myself for still finishing all of the intervals with my watch even though I ran one extra.

25k Training Week 5: 5 mile run

Wednesday, 3/7: Strength workout + 8 minute abs + 2 mile walk. I completed my regular Strength Workout for Runners and plan to continue this once a week until race day. I walked around my neighborhood at lunch and it was snowing the biggest snowflakes I’ve ever seen! I know I said this a few weeks ago, but they were even bigger this time. It was so nice to get outside and experience the beautiful snowfall first hand!

Thursday, 3/8: 5 miles. I really struggled with motivation to get going on this run, probably because I had an appointment in the morning so I had to complete it after lunch. Once I finally got going this ended up being a really great run! It took me less time than usual to really get in the groove and once I did I just felt my stress melt away.

25k Training Week 5: 3.45 mile run, 6 x 400s interval speedwork

Friday, 3/9: Cross training – 30 minute kettlebell workout. I love trying out new workouts each week on my cross training days and have been itching to find a great kettlebell workout! This workout focused on muscles that really get neglected when we’re running so it was a great compliment to my training this week. In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have tried something new the day before a long run, because my hamstrings were really sore after this, but it ended up working out.

25k Training Week 5: Full Body Toning Kettlebell Workout

Saturday, 3/10: 10 miles. This has to be one of the BEST runs ever. I don’t know if it can top my amazing 18 mile long run during marathon training this past fall, but it’s definitely a close second. I started at 6:30 am, which is unusual for me. I was definitely dreading getting up and moving outside while it was still dark, but I am SO glad I did. Waking up early wasn’t nearly as hard as I expected and the sun rose really fast. It was about 16 degrees when I started so it felt much colder than I have gotten used to, but my upper body warmed up quickly. It took about 5 full miles before my legs warmed up, but I think the fact that they were numb really helped make the miles feel easy.

Sunday, 3/11: Rest!

This week brought a few scheduling issues but I am happy with how I handled it. I am loving the challenge of speed work combined with distance during this training plan, and so far am happy with how my body is adjusting to the increase in mileage. I’ve been noticing a few hot spots in my legs and feet during my runs this past week, so I will really be paying attention to them as training picks up steam. Overall it is just so great to get back to training for some big goals.

Have a great Monday!

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