25k Training Recap: Week 6

25k Training, Week 6: Long Run, Tempo Run, Easy Miles, Strength Workout, Cross Training and Yoga

Following a training plan has a crazy way of putting time in perspective. Looking through the plan before training begins is so intimidating. The plan seems to go on forever, and comparing the final weeks of the training plan to where you are now makes you feel like this is something you will never be able to accomplish. However, once training begins, the days and weeks seem to tick by ridiculously quickly as you focus on each workout individually. This season has been no different for me, as today brings to a close week 6 of 25k training.

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When training began, I was so worried about how my running would progress. After taking nearly 2 months of from running after the New York City Marathon, the thought of running double digit miles again seemed like a far stretch. After building a running base during the first few weeks of 25k training, I am officially to the point where I am beginning to increase my mileage. The past few weeks have gone really well, and I’m certainly hoping that trend continues.

Here is how week 6 of 25k training played out for me.

25k Training Recap: Week 6

Monday, 3/12: Recovery Yoga sequence from Runner’s World. When I find something that works, I stick with it. This yoga routine never fails to find all my tight spots and helps me work them out before another week begins.

25k Training, Week 6: Yoga for Runners

Tuesday, 3/13: 4 miles – 35 minute tempo run. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with tempo runs. While I’m running, I always hate them because they push me to run paces that make me uncomfortable. However, once I’ve completed them I always end up loving them because I feel so excited and proud of the paces I’ve run. This run was a surprisingly great one. I ran a .25 mile warm up and then got right into the tempo miles. My main goal for this run was to come out with negative splits, and I am happy to say I did (although the last mile sure was a struggle). The hills really challenged me, and when I turned around to head home I was running right into a strong headwind while it snowed/sleeted so it was really hard to look up. I was so done by the end and stopped my watch as soon as the time was up, so I didn’t notice that I was only .03 away from hitting 4 miles (which drives my type A brain nuts;). Oops!

25k Training, Week 6: 4 mile run

Wednesday, 3/14: Strength workout + 8 minute abs. I completed my regular Strength Workout for Runners and plan to continue this once a week until race day. Again, when something works for me I stick to it! I’ve been completing this strength workout once a week ever since my second marathon.

25k Training, Week 6: Strength workout

Thursday, 3/15: 4 miles. The one thing I love about speedwork is that it makes all other runs feel like a breeze. This run felt particularly easy, which was a welcomed surprise! It also felt much warmer outside – which is sad because the temperature was in the high 20s. I’m greatly looking forward to spring making it’s arrival!

25k Training, Week 6: 35 minute tempo run speed work miles

Friday, 3/16: Cross Training – Full Body Dumbbell workout. I was so excited to complete my Lucky 7s Dumbbell workout to get in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day! I wanted this workout to last around 30 minutes, so I completed 15 repetitions of each move instead of 7. This was a really great workout! I was sweating much more than I expected and even a little out of breath in the middle. I loved the variety of moves and how they hit the spots where I most needed to strengthen.

Lucky 7s Full Body Dumbbell Workout: Complete these 7 classic moves with added weight to burn maximum calories and strengthen your arms, core, and legs in less than 20 minutes. | Workout Ideas | At Home Workouts | St. Patrick's Day Workout | Lucky 7s Workout | Workouts for Beginners

Saturday, 3/17: 8 miles. I met my mom at our favorite running trail to run together early in the morning! The sun was just coming up when we started so it was a bit chilly at the beginning, but I warmed up quickly. Running on a trail is so much more enjoyable than circling my neighborhood. I have no complaints about this run! I never felt like I needed to walk and the miles went by really quickly. It was a beautiful morning to run!

Sunday, 3/18: Rest!

This week was a bit of a cut back week in terms of mileage before the long runs really begin to increase. For the first time ever, I think I was actually a little disappointed when I looked at my plan and saw that the long run wasn’t very long. I am looking forward to higher mileage this week and can’t wait to see what the new week brings.

Have a great Monday!

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