25k Training Recap: Week 9

This 25k training recap is all about coming back from a break and rediscovering running motivation. I am excited for some low mileage spring running!

Last week was a pivotal week in my winter and spring training. After weeks of struggling both physically and mentally to complete my runs, I finally made the decision to take a break.

My mom and I began training for the Bayshore Marathon back in January, but it didn’t take long for winter running season to really take its toll on us. I really struggled these past few months with low motivation, and the times that I finally did convince myself to complete a run, my paces were significantly slower than usual.

After a long discussion last week, we decided to call it quits on marathon training and switch to a 25k race instead. Once we made this decision, I immediately felt better and more motivated to continue.

This past week was the first week of 25k training after dropping down from the marathon. I knew I needed a break both physically and mentally after struggling with a sore tendon in my foot the week before.

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I decided to take most of the week off to let my foot heal and jump into 25k training on the weekend. This plan seemed to work out, and I now feel like a brand new person. My motivation is back, my foot is healed and my excitement for race day continues to grow.

Here is my 25k training recap for week 9!

25k Training Recap: Week 9

Monday, 3/18 – Yoga

This yoga sequence has been a staple in my training plans for any marathon or long distance race. Regardless of the training plan, I will always incorporate this yoga routine on a weekly basis. Since I began including it regularly into my training, I have yet to become injured (knock on wood). It targets all of the most needed areas for runners and really helps me mentally prepare for the week ahead!

I was surprised how tight my legs felt even after skipping my weekend long run the day before. My hamstrings and calves were really feeling tight, so this yoga routine was much needed to stretch them out.

Check out the yoga poses here!

Tuesday, 3/19 – Cross Training Challenge

Even though there was an interval run on the training schedule, I decided to swap it out for some cross training since my foot still wasn’t completely healed. I completed this 30 Minute Cross Training Challenge and certainly got my heart pumping!

This workout was really humbling and helped me realize just how much strength I’ve lost since the last marathon, ha! I was sweating within just a few minutes of this workout and definitely felt the burn.

Wednesday, 3/20 – Strength Workout

This strength workout is another one of my favorites. I love how these exercises target the most neglected and injury prone areas of the body, and have found a great deal of injury free success since I began completing this workout on a regular basis.

I was feeling really motivated to get the most out of this workout and really challenged myself with each exercise. I am really happy that these exercises are starting to feel easier and can tell that I am slowly but surely gaining strength.

Check out the strength workout here!?

Thursday, 3/21 – Cardio & Core Workout

I had four miles on the schedule but opted for another cross training workout again. These few days off really did wonders for my motivation levels, and I wanted to make sure my foot was completely healed before even attempting to run.

To mix things up, I completed this 15 Minute Cardio Workout along with the 15 Minute Complete Core Workout. This turned out to be a great combination, and I loved focusing on core strength while still getting in a great sweat session.

Friday, 3/22 – 45 Minute Yoga for Runners

I had originally planned on completing some sort of HIIT workout on Friday, but after sitting at my desk all morning I knew I needed to get in some stretching. This yoga routine can be found on the Yoga for Runners DVD from Runner’s World and is one of my all-time favorites

I am always reminded how weak my arms are whenever I try to hold downward dog for any length of time, but I know that the only way to get stronger is to power through. These yoga positions were the perfect combination of stretching and strength building.

Saturday, 3/23 – 6 miles

This run was my first run back after over a week off and I actually found myself excited to get out there! The sun was shining which helped take some of the bite away from the surprising cold weather. While my pace was still really slow, my mind and body felt great the entire run. There was no pain in my foot and time went by pretty quickly. Overall it was a great run!

This 25k training recap is all about coming back from a break and rediscovering running motivation. I am excited for some low mileage spring running!

Sunday, 3/24 – Rest

I am looking forward to getting back into a running routine will slightly lower mileage. Following this training plan last spring was really eye opening, and I had some of my best runs ever while training with lower mileage.

Running has many different seasons throughout out lives and this winter has really shown me how important it is to take a break every once and a while.

I am feeling confident that spring will bring some great training runs. Here’s to the first full week of spring!

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