25k Training Recap: Week 9

25k Training Recap: Illness, missed runs, aerial yoga, cross training walks

This is the first time I can officially say there is just one month to go until race day! Today wraps up week 9 of 25k training, and I have to say it was the least successful one yet. I think I jinxed myself last week by writing a post about how running has felt easier lately (oops!).

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This past week was one of those weeks where life gets in the way and you are filled with guilt over missing training. After coming down with a 101 degree fever last Saturday, I ended up having to readjust my training plans for an entire week. The fever stuck around until Tuesday, and I finally started to feel a bit better by Wednesday. Although I was feeling better, I still couldn’t eat a lot of food and got tired really quickly. This combined with a lot of extra travel during the week meant that training was pretty much a flop the past few days.

With all that being said, here is my ridiculously short training recap from the past week.

25k Training Recap: Week 9

Monday, 4/2: Rest! My temperature was still above 100 and walking upstairs to get dressed felt like a massive challenge.

Tuesday, 4/3: Rest. Finally starting to feel better, but knew that it would not be smart to attempt a tempo run.

Wednesday, 4/4: 1.5 mile walk. My temperature was back to normal and I was finally able to get up and walk around. We walked out the pier in Lake Michigan which turned out to be a really bad idea, since a storm was coming in and the winds were freezing. After this we rested for the rest of the day!

25k Training Recap: Aerial Yoga

Thursday, 4/5: Rest. Energy was still low and I didn’t want to push anything.

Friday, 4/6: Rest. Of course as soon as I started to feel better I had to leave and spend the day traveling. Spent 6.5 hours in the car driving down to Pittsburgh.

Saturday, 4/7: 2 hours of aerial yoga. I spent the weekend at a bachelorette party in Pittsburgh and we all went to an aerial yoga class. This was my first time trying it and it was so much fun! We ended up having to do a lot of partner poses because there were so many of us, but learning to move with the straps was a blast. I wish there was a class close to where I live!

25k Training Recap: Aerial Yoga

25k Training Recap: Aerial Yoga

Sunday, 4/8: Rest! Travel back to Michigan.

After this crazy week, I am so excited to get back to a structured training plan tomorrow. I think taking time off was the right decision for my body and am not too concerned about it since we still have 4 long runs left before race day. I am grateful that this illness didn’t last any longer or turn into anything more serious.

Here’s to a new week!

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Download my 25k Training Plan!

25k Training Plan

25k Training Recap: Illness, missed runs, aerial yoga, cross training walks

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