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30 Minute Spin Workout for an Epic Calorie Burn

This 30 minute spin workout routine is the ultimate way to burn calories indoors. Challenge yourself to the intervals in this indoor cycling workout! The ultimate hiit workout on the stationary bike. This 30 minute workout is a fun way to burn massive calories! #spinworkout #indoorcyclingworkout #spinclass

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of completing a sweaty workout. Fitting in a good sweat session indoors always seems a bit more challenging, but it’s actually entirely possible.

One of my favorite ways to sweat it out indoors: a spin workout.

Since receiving this spin bike for Christmas two years ago, I’ve really enjoyed fitting in some extra cross training workouts right in my living room. Spinning has been a great way to supplement my winter running schedule and fit in some cardio when the weather is especially rough.

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While spinning in itself is a great workout, I find fitting in intervals during an indoor cycling workout to be even more effective. It took me a great deal of experimentation to determine the right balance between tension and speed, but this spin workout has quickly become one of my favorites.

This spin workout is split up into two parts, creating either a 30 minute spinning workout or 45 minute workout. The first 30 minutes will definitely increase your heart rate and have you sweating like crazy by itself – but if you’re looking for an extra challenge then add the last 15 minutes on for a more intense sweat session.

For tension and resistance, I classify each setting on a scale of 1 – 10 in this spin workout.

1 signifies so little resistance that you feel like your legs are going to fly off the pedals, while 10 signifies such strong resistance that you can barely move the pedals. 5 is right in the middle – about the same as riding a bike on flat ground.

Spinning Workout Terms

Jumps: 4 seconds seated, 4 seconds standing

Hill: heavy, consistent resistance

Hill climb: resistance gradually increases every minute / alternate 30 seconds standing and 30 seconds seated

Sprint: low resistance with fast tempo

Recovery: flat ground, easy tempo

30 Minute Spin Workout

Extra 15 minutes:

This spin workout will quickly increase your heart rate and help you burn calories like crazy. Although spinning still seems to be a prominent leg workout, it works different muscles than running and serves as a great method of cross training.

The intervals throughout this workout force your body to adapt to various different forms of stress after short recovery periods. Spinning is a great way to improve your overall fitness, increase your running endurance, and strengthen those challenging leg muscles.

Try this indoor cycling workout next time you’re at the gym or looking for a good cross training session!

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