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5k and 10k

5k and 10k Running Tips

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Your First Race

5k and 10k running tips

Race day nerves and no stranger for even the most seasoned runner. Here’s what to expect before, during and after your first race.

How to Run a Faster Mile

5k and 10k running tips

Running a faster mile doesn’t have to feel impossible. Try these simple tricks to run faster and improve your mile time.

Increase Endurance

5k and 10k running tips

Training for a 5k or 10k means you’ll gradually have to increase your distance. Here’s how to improve your running endurance in no time.



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Hey there! I’m Maggie, a Michigan native with a passion for running, fitness, the outdoors, and of course – ice cream. Here I’m sharing weekly workout ideas, training tips, running advice, and fitness motivation. Marathon x 7 | Half Marathon x 22