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25k Training Plan

This 14 week 25k Training Plan is perfect for runners of all ability levels! The first four weeks are dedicated to building a running base, so this plan can be completed even with no prior distance running experience. With three runs each week, you’ll receive structured speed workouts and strength training exercise. This 25k training plan is the perfect way to beat your half marathon distance with 15.5 miles. Get to the starting line injury free and confident!

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3 Day Per Week Marathon Training Plan

This 3 Day Per Week Marathon Training Plan is perfect for runners wanting to train for a marathon while still having a life. Marathon training is notorious for taking up a lot of time, but it doesn’t have to be that way. This training plan incorporates low mileage running while still maintaining long runs and key workouts.

Avoid mental and physical burnout during marathon training by running just 3 days per week. This approach maintains key workouts of marathon training like weekly long runs and speed workouts, but gives you more time to cross train and recover. Keep your body and mind strong this marathon training season!

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