April Favorites & May Goals

Happy May 1st everybody! I don’t know about you, but it sure feels like April flew by. All of a sudden I blinked and it’s May?!

May always seems to be the turning point in the year for me. Up until this month it is pretty dark and dreary, with the cold weather and shorter hours in the day. May always seems to be filled with the promise of warmth and sunshine, which just makes the day a little easier.

Dowagiac (21)

April was a pretty busy month for me, but not so much for running. I successfully made it through Lent, giving up ice cream for the first time ever! (I only cheated once when I had an ice cream sandwich on vacation;)

It’s always fun to look back on what happened during the past month (and realize how quickly some pretty cool stuff is forgotten!). Here are some of my April favorites:

I set a goal to begin working out in the morning before work and have been successful every day except one, when I slept through my alarm.

Lawton (10)

I ran the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon with my mom, instead of racing for a PR.

I FINALLY got over whatever sickness I had that plagued me since December.

I visited North Carolina for a much needed week of relaxation.

We crossed the 100 day mark in the countdown to our wedding!


Now it’s time to set some goals for May! May is one of my favorite months because my birthday is on the 12th. It also means that there will be less are only three months left until our wedding. YAY!

My goals for May are:

  1. Work out before work every single week day
  2. Build a solid fitness base before training for the New York City Marathon begins in June
  3. Focus on eating protein for breakfast in the morning as opposed to sugar
  4. On that note, eat only one dessert a day (aghhh this will be hard)
  5. Finish booking ALL of our vendors for our wedding
  6. Read at least 2 books
  7. Drink 72 ounces of water a day

Well, there you have it! Hopefully posting my goals out there on the internet will help keep me accountable. I hope this month brings new sunshine and warmth to your days as well. Life always seems to be a little easier in the summer! Happy Monday 🙂


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