Bayshore Marathon Training Recap: Week 2

Bayshore Marathon Training Recap: Week 2. This week was filled with winter weather that warranted treadmill running!

I was certainly a bit skeptical about marathon training during the winter when I signed up for the Bayshore Marathon this spring – and as it turns out, my skepticism was well-warranted.

This week brought a winter blast to Michigan. The week began with winter storm warnings throughout the state, as many areas were predicted to get up to a foot of snow in just one day. The snow continued through mid-week, until the Polar Vortex arrived and temperatures plunged below zero.

My worst fears were realized this week as I discovered that I truly had no option but to run on the treadmill. Luckily, treadmill running has been feeling significantly easier lately and I think I am well on my way to breaking down a few mental barriers.

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With that being said, I was happy that I was able to maintain training throughout the week and grateful that I didn’t need to adjust my schedule in any way. There is hardly anything more satisfying than completing an entire training week exactly as scheduled.

Here is my marathon training recap for week 2!

Bayshore Marathon Training Recap: Week 2

Monday, 1/28 – Yoga

This yoga sequence has been a staple in my training plans for the past three marathons. Since I began including it regularly into my training, I have yet to become injured (knock on wood). It targets all of the most needed areas for runners and really helps me mentally prepare for the week ahead!

Yoga was much needed this week as I realized that I forgot to stretch after our “long run” of 8 miles the previous weekend. I could definitely feel some tightness in my hamstrings and calves, and a nagging pain in my right hip flexor. My fingers are crossed that the pain is due to the fact that I didn’t stretch and not a developing injury – I guess we’ll find out as training progresses.

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Tuesday, 1/29 – 4 miles

Ah, hello treadmill running. A blast of snow and cold air arrived this week and I was forced to run on the treadmill to avoid the ice and negative temperatures outdoors.

Last week really helped boost my confidence about running on the treadmill, and I was able to fit in a pretty decent run. My right hip flexor was pretty painful when I started running, so I focused on increasing my cadence during the run and the pain eventually subsided. The treadmill provides a perfect opportunity to focus on technical aspects of running, and I’d say my running cadence was definitely in need of few tweaks.

Wednesday, 1/30 – 4 miles with 4 x 400s

Wind chills and arctic temperatures reached their peak on Wednesday, so I willingly chose the treadmill again over the outdoors. I was pretty excited to add in some intervals to this run and excited to get back to regular speed work!

Adding intervals on the treadmill really helps the run go by quickly. This simple 4 x 400s workout was really straightforward, yet still helped time fly by. It was very humbling to run hard for a few intervals and realize that the pace wasn’t even the to what I was running near the end of marathon training this past fall. I am excited to regain some lost fitness!

Bayshore Marathon Training Recap: Week 2. This week was filled with winter weather that warranted treadmill running!

Thursday, 1/31 – Strength Workout

I love incorporating this strength training routine! It took me quite a bit of time to get motivated for this workout, but afterwards I was so glad that I did. I can definitely tell that my legs and core have lost some strength since the last training season, but I am looking forward to making progress each week.

Check out the strength workout here!

Friday, 2/1 – 4 miles

The temperature was finally above 0 and I couldn’t resist taking my run outside! After two weeks filled with treadmill running, I was SO excited to head outdoors. It was a balmy 7 degrees outside, but I realized that this was a 44 degree increase from the -33 degrees we experienced on Wednesday. How crazy!

The sun was shining and I loved every minute of this run. There is nothing like a bit of fresh air and sunshine after being cooped up inside. The sidewalks were relatively clear and helped me feel more optimistic about the rest of the winter running season. I was forced to walk through quite a bit of deep snow and ice, so I enjoy some slow, easy miles through the snow.

Bayshore Marathon Training Recap: Week 2. This week was filled with winter weather that warranted treadmill running!

Saturday, 2/2 – 10 miles

The temperature continued to increase and I knew I would NOT want to run 10 miles on the treadmill, so I headed outdoors for the long run this week. This run started out pretty decently but after the halfway mark turned into a bit of a struggle fest.

While a lot of the sidewalks were shoveled, there were still quite a few chunky spots that really slowed me down. My legs were definitely noticing the change in terrain from treadmill running and overall they felt pretty heavy throughout the last 5 miles. Despite the struggle, I was really glad to fit this run in outside and am humbled thinking about the fact that 10 miles used to be a regular week day run on the schedule. I am looking forward to a few months down the road when 10 miles will feel like a short run!

Bayshore Marathon Training Recap: Week 2. This week was filled with winter weather that warranted treadmill running!

Sunday, 2/3 – Rest

Next week looks a bit more promising weather-wise, and after being cooped up inside for so long I am definitely hoping to fit in more miles outdoors. While I definitely love snow, I am hopeful that the worst of winter has passed and we will be able to enjoy some normal winter weather (hello, 20 and 30 degree heat wave). And just like that, week 3 of training has begun.

Here’s to spring races and winter training!

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