Bayshore Marathon Training Recap: Week 4

This winter running season has brought it's fair share of snow, wind and ice. Marathon training was a bit challenging this week as winter storms rolled through. Here is my Bayshore marathon training recap for week 4!

After a week of body pains and random illness, it sure felt great to get back to a routine this week. I noticed that my heart rate was significantly higher during those easy paced runs, so I made sure to take it slow this week to avoid come back too quickly.

Returning from illness or injury can be tricky, especially when you find yourself bursting with motivation to get back at it. Finding that fine line between doing too much too soon and doing just enough to push your body to recover can be challenging.

I spent this week running with my watch on the heart rate screen to avoid getting bogged down by paces and really focus on listening to my body. Week 4 of marathon training helped me feel more confident that this illness would be short lived and training will pick up like usual these next few weeks!

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It’s hard to believe that we’re already a month into marathon training. Spring races always feel so far away when training runs are spent trudging through snow. But believe it or not, there are just over 3 months to go until race day.

Here is my marathon training recap for week 4!

Bayshore Marathon Training Recap: Week 4

Monday, 2/11 – Yoga

This yoga sequence has been a staple in my training plans for the past three marathons. Since I began including it regularly into my training, I have yet to become injured (knock on wood). It targets all of the most needed areas for runners and really helps me mentally prepare for the week ahead!

It felt great to fit in some yoga, especially after completing my long run on Sunday rather than Saturday the weekend before. The back of my legs have felt especially tight on many of my treadmill runs, but I think these yoga poses are really helpful for stretching them out.

Check out the yoga poses here!

Tuesday, 2/12 – 4 miles

We got quite an ice storm early Tuesday morning, so I was forced to complete this run indoors. It took quite a while to motivate myself to get started, knowing that I’d be stuck on the treadmill, but once I got going this run felt pretty good. I focused on keeping my heart rate at or below threshold pace throughout this run which was very eye opening in showing how much my body is still recovering!

Wednesday, 2/13 – Strength Workout

I completed my usual strength training routine on Wednesday instead of Thursday in hopes that I’d be able to run outside the next day. I finally felt motivated to fit in this workout and completed all of the exercises after a few weeks off!

My hips were feeling especially weak this week and it’s really humbling to discover how much strength I have lost since the last marathon training season. However, this only motivates me to work hard to regain that strength and stay strong for more injury free running!

Check out the strength workout here!

Thursday, 2/14 – 4 miles with 6 x 400s

My hopes for running outside were quickly ruined when I realized that I shouldn’t add extra crate time for our puppy since he would be in his crate for a long time in the evening. Running on the treadmill wasn’t too bad for this run though, since it was an interval run.

Each time I complete intervals on the treadmill I am amazed how quickly they make the run go by! These 400s were completed at a much slower pace than I was running in the fall and still felt like a ton of work, which was very humbling. I love the process of marathon training and building your strength and endurance back again slowly.

Friday, 2/15 – 5 miles

I was so excited to complete these miles outside! However, as soon as I got going I realized that there were many sections of unshoveled sidewalks which had quickly turned to ice. I wound up with an average pace nearly 2 minutes slower per mile for this run because I had to walk through ice so frequently. Nevertheless, it felt great to get outside.

Saturday, 2/16 – Rest

My husband is the musical director for a production at his school and I am playing in the pit, so Saturday was filled with two performances and no time to run. I knew ahead of time since we had the same schedule last weekend, so I swapped my rest day and long run day this weekend.

Sunday, 2/17 – 11 miles

We had 12 miles on the schedule but once I got going the wind really picked up and I quickly realized that I was going to be freezing the entire run. The chilly temperatures on top of frequent sections of ice helped me decide to cut this run a mile short without feeling guilty.

I am proud of myself for finishing 11 miles and felt surprisingly good throughout the run! My hands were so swollen when I got home because they had gotten so cold in the wind.

It’s so hard to believe that we are already entering month two of marathon training. This next week will look slightly different while we are up north on a skiing vacation, but I am looking forward to getting back to some consistency as mileage begins to increase the following week.

Here’s to a brand new week of running!

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