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The Best 15 Reasons to Run

Whenever I look back on the past 8 or so years of my life, I always find that nothing has remained more consistent that running. While my life has changed, sometimes drastically, running has always remained the same. Running has been with me through some difficult lows and some incredible highs, and I can’t even imagine who I would be without it. Running has enhanced the quality of my life, developed me as a person, and taught me incredible skills. While I didn’t expect any of these things when I began running, they are still some of my most important reasons to run.

Reasons to Run Today

Whether you are new to running, a seasoned pro, or just thinking about starting, here are 15 reasons to run today. Running takes nothing more than a pair of shoes and some exercise clothes, yet it is one of the best things you can do for your body. Give running a chance today, and I promise you’ll gain some confidence and return home feeling better than when you left.

Reasons to Run | Running Motivation

The Best 15 Reasons to Run

  1. You can run literally anywhere!
  2. Endorphins. You’ll return home with a boost in your mood and a smile on your face!
  3. You burn about 100 calories per mile whether you run at a 16 minute pace or a 6 minute pace… aka: you get to eat more carbs and treats without feeling guilty.
  4. Nothing compares to experiencing nature firsthand. Fresh air will do you good.
  5. Running will help you feel confident.
  6. You’ll feel your stress melt away.
  7. Time on your runs is time for YOU that no one can interrupt. You can think, make decisions, plan, or just enjoy the silence.
  8. You’ll come home with more energy than when you left.
  9. You will sleep better. It’ll be easier to fall asleep and you’ll sleep more soundly.
  10. Running at the start of your day will help you gain motivation and focus for the rest of your day.
  11. You’ll feel better – get less colds, feel happier, and boost your immune system.
  12. If you decide to run a race: you’ll meet the happiest and most inspirational group of people.
  13. You’ll accomplish a goal.
  14. The impossible will suddenly feel more possible.
  15. You’ll get smiles and waves from all the other runners you pass.

Reasons to Run | Running Motivation

Reasons to Run | Running Motivation

Reasons to Run | Running Motivation

Reasons to Run | Running Motivation


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