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The Best Rain Running Gear of 2022: Waterproof Jackets, Hats & More

Finding the right rain running gear will not only help you run in wet weather, but it will help you do so comfortably and with enjoyment.

Running in the rain is quite polarizing: you either love it or hate it. But regardless of your feelings towards wet weather, investing in a few pieces of running gear for rain can really help improve your experience in wet weather.

What do runners wear in the rain?

While rain may not be high on your list of favorite running conditions, it is still possible to fit in a run on those rainy days without getting wet.

Finding a waterproof running jacket is crucial for staying dry to your core. Strategically dressing with a few pieces of running rain gear is all it takes to keep things enjoyable – whether you’re caught in a downpour or just hours of light sprinkle.

Some of the best rain gear for running:

Learning how to dress with rain running gear involves a bit of strategy. You’ll want to invest in a few waterproof items to keep your base layer and skin dry to avoid any form of chafing. In addition, using a few extra accessories can really increase your comfort in rainy weather.

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What Rain Running Gear to Wear in Wet Weather

Starting from the top, keeping rain out of your eyes on the run is a must. You’ll need to find a visor, hat, or headband that keeps hair out of your face and allows you to see all around you when the rain gets really heavy.

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If you’re an avid music or podcast listener on the run, you’ll need to make sure that your headphones or earbuds are water resistant or protected from the rain.

Next, you’ll want to keep your core as dry as possible. Finding rain running gear may differ slightly depending on the season, but in any case, you’ll want the outer layer to be as waterproof as possible. In cooler weather, a waterproof running jacket is incredibly beneficial for wearing outside your regular running clothes.

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If the weather is a bit warmer, you might try a waterproof vest or shirt that keeps you fresh and dry. Remember that even on the hottest days of summer, rain can really cool things off (especially when the wind gets going).

Many runners carry their phones and other electronic devices with them on the run. It is especially important to think ahead and find rain gear that will keep your valuables dry, no matter where they are stored.

A water resistant running belt is a great option to keep your mind at ease if you are ever caught in a sudden rain storm. If you’re planning to head out in the rain, storing electronics in the pockets of waterproof gear is another beneficial option.

For a little extra comfort, it can never hurt to purchase a clear waterproof pouch or dry bag for your phone – in a pinch, even a plastic bag helps prevent water from reaching the device.

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Potentially the most susceptible area to water during a rainy run is your feet. You’ll likely run through a few puddles and wet spots no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Wet running shoes not only start to smell, but can lead to uncomfortable chafing once your socks start to soak through.

To keep your feet as dry as possible, it might be worth investing in a pair of waterproof running shoes, made of materials such as Gortex. These shoes can also be helpful in cold weather for keeping your feet warm or avoiding any water making its way to your socks on snowy runs.

Every runner has different preferences when it comes to rainproof gear, but investing in a few pieces of quality rain running gear is always a must. Here is some of the best rain gear to get you started!

Rain running gear

The Best Rain Running Gear of 2022

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Running Rain Hats & Visors

Waterproof Running Jackets

Water Resistant Headphones

Rain Running Vest

Water Resistant Running Belts

Running Dry Bag

Waterproof Rain Running Shoes

Another option for waterproof running shoes is Loom Footwear. Loom creates earth-friendly, vegan, waterproof running shoes. These shoes are designed to prevent odor and promote comfort, especially during a rainy run. Keeping your feet dry will help you feel fresh even during the rainiest runs. Their minimal colors and exceptional comfort make them easy to pair with any running outfit!

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Luckily, since rain is fairly common in most areas of the world, there are a plethora of rain running gear options. After a few wet weather runs, you might discover that you prefer storing your phone in a belt rather than a jacket pocket, or that you need some anti-fog glasses to be able to see.

However you prefer to stay dry on the run, make it count. Those rainy miles are inevitable during any lengthy training cycle, so preparing by having a few pieces of waterproof running gear on hand is key to making them as comfortable as possible.

Enjoy those rainy runs and remember that you are stronger for it.

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