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Black Friday Workout

My excitement for the holidays continues to grow as we get closer and closer to the last few weeks of the year. All the upcoming celebrations, joy, family time, and feasts make it hard to not be in good spirits. However, all of those family get togethers and holiday treats sure make it hard to stay in shape. As much as I love this time of year, it is definitely the most challenging time to maintain fitness. Thanksgiving is a day that reminds us to be thankful for what we have. We celebrate with family and a feast, where we overindulge with gratitude. I never feel guilty on the day of Thanksgiving, but the next morning is a different story. I’ve created this Black Friday workout to relieve myself of some guilt the next day, and squeeze in between shopping outings.

Black Friday is quickly approaching, and what we do on Friday will set the tone for the rest of the holidays. After feasting the day before, Friday is always the morning when I wake up a little more sluggish. My body is reacting to the great food I stuffed it with the day before, and it’s a little more challenging for me to get motivated. This day is crucial to maintain our motivation and set the precedent for some important habits during the holidays. Celebrating is wonderful. It is okay to treat yourself, and enjoy every second of it. But when the celebrations end, kick it into gear and get back to it.

Today I am sharing my favorite Black Friday workout. It’s only 25 minutes long, but can be shortened if you’d like. This workout consists of my 5 favorite, most effective moves for each part of the body. These moves are the ones that leave me sore for days, burning the maximum amount of calories and strengthening those muscles. While the moves are fairly basic, completing them in short, intense intervals gets your heart pumping and allows for maximum calorie burn.

Here is my Black Friday Workout.

Black Friday Workout Calorie Burn

Black Friday Workout

5 moves – 1 minute each – 5 sets

  1. High knees x 1 minuteUltimate Calorie Burning Moves
  2. Straight leg jacknifes x 1 minuteUltimate Calorie Burning HIIT Moves
  3. Mountain climbers x 1 minuteCalorie Burning HIIT Moves Black Friday Workout
  4. Squats with press x 1 minute
  5. Push ups x 1 minuteBlack Friday Workout HIIT Pushups

Repeat all five moves 5 times (or less if you’d like to shorten the workout). Within just a few minutes (probably seconds after starting high knees) your heart will really be pumping. This workout tests your endurance, cardiovascular fitness, as well as strength. It hits all the major areas of the body and can be completed in between shopping trips! Workouts are just that much sweeter when we are sweating out the toxins and burning extra calories.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Black Friday Workout Calorie Burn

Black Friday Workout Calorie Burn
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