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How to Carry a Phone While Running? | 7 Ways to Carry a Cell Phone

Carrying a phone while running is necessary for nearly all runners. However, it can be surprisingly difficult to find a comfortable, easy way to carry your phone on a run.

Runners often set out with their phone in hand, an arm belt or a fuel belt, only to discover that the phone was in their way for the majority of their run. If carrying a phone while running feels like a major inconvenience, you’re not alone.

What’s the best way to carry a phone while running?

Most runners don’t ask this question right away. When we start running, we usually have some idea in our head regarding how we plan to carry our cell phone. However, after a few awkward attempts or mid-run struggles to check a text, we know that there must be a better way.

Luckily – there are many. If you’ve tried a few different ways to carry your phone while running with no success, there are still more options.

The best way to carry a phone while running will vary from one runner to the next, depending on your training style and comfort level. Here are a few options when it comes to carrying a phone while running.

Carrying a phone while running doesn’t have to be cumbersome of inconvenient. Here are 7 of the best ways to carry a phone while running! With little to no gear required, you’ll be able to carry your cell phone on the run with ease. #carryaphonewhilerunning #runninggear

7 Ways to Carry a Cell Phone While Running

Finding the best way to carry a phone on the run will likely involve a bit of experimentation. Luckily, most of these options are fairly easy to try and involve gear that you probably already own. Test out some the options that are convenient for you!

Place it in clothing pockets.

One of the most simplistic, straightforward ways to carry a phone while running is to put it in a pocket. Most running clothes are now made with pockets, making it easier than ever to test out some different locations.

Look for pockets in running shorts and leggings or even some sports bras and shirts. If your phone fits snugly, it will be an easy way to always ensure your phone is close by without adding any extra gear.


  • Requires no extra material
  • Easy access to phone while running


  • Might cause clothing to sag
  • Not all clothes come with pockets

Carry it in your hand.

If you’re hoping to avoid any purchasing any extra or fancy gear to carry your phone when running, the best option is to literally carry it.

Carrying your cell phone in your hand when running is actually not as cumbersome as one might think. While it’s certainly not a “hands off” method, you’ll be able to easily access your phone at any given moment. Many runners are surprised how quickly they get used to literally carrying their phone.


  • Easy to access at any time
  • Requires no extra gear
  • Leaves belts free to store other gear


  • Can get cumbersome on long runs
  • Hands are occupied and unable to hold fuel, water, etc.

Store it in an arm belt.

When cell phones were a bit smaller, the trend was to carry your phone in an arm band while running. Now that phones are generally bigger in size, this is a less common method, but still a viable option to consider.

Arm bands leave the hands free during a run, and keep the phone within easy access. It’s easy to attach headphones to your phone, or check your screen without taking your phone out of the band. However, some runners find carrying a phone on one arm to feel a bit awkward or unbalanced.


  • Can access and see phone mid-run without taking it out
  • Easy to connect headphones without tangling the cord
  • Leaves hands and belts free to store other gear


  • Can feel a bit awkward or unbalanced
  • Harder to find bands that fit big phones

Store it in a hydration belt.

If you use a hydration belt when running, then a simple way to carry your phone with you is to store it in the belt. Most hydration belts have zipper pockets for fuel, gear or items like your phone.

Try storing your phone in your hydration belt next time you head out for a long run. This hands-free method is easy and convenient, especially if you’re already used to running with a hydration belt. However, carrying your phone in the belt will mean there’s less room for fuel, and will make things a bit bulkier.


  • Easy to try if already using a hydration belt
  • Pockets are easily accessible when running
  • Keeps your hands free


  • Can add weight to an already bulky belt
  • Less space to store fuel or other gear

Store it in water bottle pockets.

If you don’t use a hydration belt, then it’s likely you use a handheld water bottle during long runs. Most handheld water bottles have an attached pouch that can be used to store your phone.

Since you’re already carrying your water bottle, it’s easy to add your phone without noticing. Accessing your phone is quick and easy when running, but might add a bit of weight to the water bottle – especially when it’s full.


  • Easy to get in and out when running
  • Doesn’t require any extra effort to carry


  • Less space for fuel storage
  • Can make carrying a water bottle feel heavy
  • Might be hard to fit in the pouch

Store it in a running belt.

A number of runners now have turned to running belts for carrying a phone while running. These belts usually have numerous pockets, and are worn around the hips during a run. Running belts typically stay in place without runners even feeling them on the move.

Finding the right running belt will be key to successfully using it to carry your phone on the run. Take your time to experiment with different kinds until you find one that fits the best and provides the right amount of storage for your gear.


  • Hands-free method of carrying a phone
  • Provides extra storage for fuel and gear
  • Requires no extra effort to carry on the run


  • Adds a little extra weight to the hips
  • Can be tricky to get in and out with a tight fit
  • Harder to attach headphones

Clip it to your sports bra.

Some sports bras now have pockets built in to the back for carrying a phone. In addition to built in pockets, many runners have turned to accessories such as the Koala Clip, which hooks on to the sports bra.

Koala Clips and other similar accessories provide a pocket for your phone that hooks right on to the back of your sports bra. This location is a great place to carry your phone while running without even noticing it. However, it can be a bit more difficult to access your phone on the run or connect wired headphones.


  • Hands-free way to carry a phone
  • Hardly noticeable
  • Budget friendly


  • Not a viable option for men
  • Hard to access during a run
  • Difficult to use with wired headphones

Taking the time to find a comfortable, easy way to carry your phone while running will be worth the effort. Most runners find that it is not an option to leave their cell phone behind, meaning that carrying a phone while running is a necessity.

These options are practical and easy to try out for any runner. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for a more comfortable way to bring your phone, there are plenty of options to try.

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