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Top Posts of 2017 + December Favorites

Happy New Year's Eve! This year started out in a bit of a whirlwind, and time just seemed to move faster and faster as the days went on. Here we are already on the last day of 2017! This year has been filled with some euphoric highs as well as some pretty rough lows. I … Continue reading Top Posts of 2017 + December Favorites

The Best Running Gadgets for Runners

Friday Favorites: Running Gadgets that Every Runner Can Use

Whether you're looking for a gift for the runner in your life, or looking for something to enhance your own running, I've found that even the littlest things can make a big difference for a runner. Throughout my time as a 'runner' I've experimented with many different gadgets. Some running gadgets were exciting but short-lived, … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Running Gadgets that Every Runner Can Use

November Favorites

November Favorites

Here we are again at the end of another month! This time of year is always when I realize just how quickly the entire year has gone by, and how close we actually are to a new year. These last few months of the year seem to fly by even faster than the others with … Continue reading November Favorites

The Best Winter Running Gear & Clothes

Friday Favorites: Winter Running Gear

Today is an exciting Friday - not only is the end of the week, but it is Black Friday! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends yesterday. It's amazing how quickly each day passes, and yesterday was no different. Thanksgiving is officially behind us, and today marks the start of … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Winter Running Gear

Favorites Sunrise

Friday Favorites: Races, Holidays & Sunrises

Happy Friday, friends! The best day of the week, and an especially exciting one since next week is a short week. These past two weeks have been filled with randomness - trying to return from our trip and find our way back to a routine. We've had some really relaxing days combined with busy ones, … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Races, Holidays & Sunrises

October Favorites: Fall Colors

October Favorites

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Hopefully all the little ones in your lives are excited to dress up tonight and collect as much sugar as possible. This holiday has to be just about every kid's favorite, because for one day their parents aren't allowed to tell them they've had too much candy. We will be spending our Halloween … Continue reading October Favorites