September Goals

Happy September, friends! It's so hard to believe that we are four months away from Christmas and New Years. I swear I just sat down to write my 2017 goals! No doubt I sound like a broken record, but time this year is moving so quickly. August was hands down the best month of the … Continue reading September Goals

Honeymoon in the Caribbean!

HELLO friends, and happy Tuesday! We are slowly readjusting to our old boring lives here in Michigan, and all though our honeymoon was perfect, it feels good to get back in the swing of things here! I have officially completed two runs since we returned on Saturday - a 3 miler and a 4 miler. … Continue reading Honeymoon in the Caribbean!


Well hello friends, long time no see! We are back after a week in paradise 😊 And guess what? We got married!! I have a few wedding and honeymoon recaps coming at you these next few days before we jump right back into training. This week was an amazing time spent together and away from … Continue reading WE GOT MARRIED!!!!


Happy Friday, friends! The day is almost here... WE ARE GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW! Tomorrow at 1:30 pm our ceremony begins, and the rest is history! It is so crazy to think that we have been engaged for more than a year now, and after patiently waiting (sort of;), we are just one day away. We … Continue reading Brb…WE’RE GETTING MARRIED

Runs End, Running Doesn’t

Happy Thursday! This week has been a combination of stress and excitement on extreme levels. I don't think I've ever been as excited as I have been this week. At this point in my life - this specific week - running has become a necessity for me. While each day has gotten busier, skipping runs … Continue reading Runs End, Running Doesn’t

August Goals

Happy August 2nd! As I'm typing this I have to keep correcting myself because I repeatedly type July instead of August. Didn't 2017 just start? I blinked and all of a sudden we are on the 8th month of the year! Before we know it the fall scents and decorations will be hitting the stores … Continue reading August Goals