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Celebrating Global Running Day!

This Wednesday is especially awesome because it is Global Running Day! It’s June 7th, and it’s time to celebrate!

I am celebrating today with a short run since I am still in my last few off weeks before marathon training begins, but I’m also celebrating with gratitude for everything running has brought me in life.

The weather is beautiful and the day is young, I hope you all get out there to appreciate one of the best activities that life has to offer today, no matter how far! (We really should get the day off for a holiday like today;)

I am truly a better person today than the one I was before I started running.

Today, I am grateful for running and all it has brought me.


Running has brought many of my family members together, from my mom to my cousi’s, aunts, and grandma. What started as a way to lose weight and get healthy led to a passion that I never could have imagined.

Self confidence

I never feel better about myself than immediately after a run; whether long or short, fast or slow, good run or bad run, I am always proud that I did it.


So many of my favorite experiences in life have come through running. Whether it’s traveling for a race, running on vacation, or finding new trails in my own backyard, running has brought me to so many new places.

Mental strength

Never did I ever believe I could run a marathon before I completed it. Running has proven to me that my mind is strong than I can ever imagine, and gives me confidence in tough times knowing that I can conquer them.


One of the top five moments in my life was finishing my first marathon. The sense of pride and accomplishment never goes away; whether it’s your first mile without stopping, the first 5k, a new PR, placing in a race, or a new distance record – the possibilities for improvement and new personal records are never ending.


Running has helped me through some of my most challenging moments in life. It is therapeutic, and helps pound out the pain or sadness. Whether it’s tears, anger, confusion, fear, or anything else, a run will always help to heal.

Peace and mental clarity

Along with healing, running during those tough times, or even just every day stresses helps clear my mind and make me think more rationally. It helps me be mindful and present in the moment.

New friends

I’ve bonded with many new people over a love of running. Races bring out some of the best people in the world and I am always overjoyed to even just stand next to them and listen to their stories. Running connects us in many ways; even those waves when you see a fellow runner outside give me a burst of happiness and feeling of connectedness.


One of the most important – running has improved my health tremendously. It has encouraged me to make healthy choices, and shown me the importance of treating my body with the care and respect it deserves.


Runs always help motivate me in my daily activities. They provide me with that sense of accomplishment that fuels my drive to keep going.

Most importantly: running has shown me how to believe in myself. Proving to me that I am tough, and I can do hard things. My body and mind are stronger than I ever could have imagined.

Whether you are a seasoned pro, or have never run more than 5 minutes in your life, I hope you take some time for YOU today and celebrate Global Running Day. It is a day to celebrate something so natural and pure. Whether it’s one minute, or a ten mile run today – I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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