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Cheers to 2017!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can’t believe 2016 has ended and we are officially into 2017. I have a feeling that this is going to be the best year yet and one filled with change for the better. 2016 definitely had it’s fair share of ups and downs, but overall I’d say it was pretty successful. I struggled quite a bit with my running in the fall after our move, and I’m excited to start fresh and in the same place.


As far as running adventures go in 2016, it was the first year in three years that I did not complete a full marathon. I’m hoping this was a temporary glitch due to some weird injuries and sickness and am excited to start this year off with a marathon in mind. Aside from not running a full, I managed to get in 4 longer distance races (3 out of 4 with my mom!):

Winter Blast Half Marathon – Portage, MI (where I set my PR of 2:07 – told you I’m not fast;)

Borgess Half Marathon – Kalamazoo, MI

Runner’s World Hat Trick (5k, 10k and Half) – Bethlehem, PA

Stony Creek Half Marathon – Shelby Township, MI

Looking ahead into 2017, I have a few big running goals in mind:

  1. Run a sub 2:00 half
  2. Enter the lottery for the NYC marathon (if I don’t get in, I’ll sign up for another fall full)
  3. Keep a daily log of my running/cross training activities (hopefully this will help keep me accountable and help see progress)


I am currently signed up for a half marathon in March, but that’s the only race I have on my calendar so far. I love this time of year when you look ahead to a complete blank slate with so many opportunities and so much potential. I hope you had a wonderful New Years and got to celebrate the start of something new with those you love. I was able to ring in 2017 with my fiance, my parents and his parents all together. It was so wonderful having everyone in one place 🙂 Cheers to making 2017 the best year ever!

“Do the same thing you have always done and get the same thing you have always gotten.”



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