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The Best Gifts for Runners of 2024 | 50+ Running Gift Ideas

Finding the best gifts for runners can be challenging if you don’t run yourself. Or maybe you do, but are stuck trying to come up with new gift ideas for a runner who has everything.

What is a good gift for runners?

If you find yourself asking this question, look no further. Here, we’re sharing more than 50 of the best gift ideas for runners in 2024.

Jump to the Running Gifts:

Whether they run for fun, are competitive, race 5ks or endure marathons, they’ll certainly appreciate receiving a running gift this year.

While each runner might vary slightly in their interests, there are a few staple items that just about every runner would appreciate receiving. Some of the most useful gifts for runners include items like a fuel belt, headphones, mittens, headbands, water bottles, gels and more.

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If your runner has everything they need, check out some of the unique, personalized gift ideas to surprise them with.

Find running gifts for him and her.

If your loved one is a runner, there is nothing more thoughtful or meaningful than gifting them with something to celebrate their passion.

Whether you’re planning your Christmas gifts or celebrating a birthday, marathon finish or special occasion, these running gifts are the perfect way to encourage your loved ones’ passion for the sport.

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And luckily, finding gift ideas for runners is easy whether you share their obsession or not!

This running gift guide is packed with ideas that runners will use and cherish forever – whether they’re male, female, fast, slow, young or old.

Check out the 50+ best gifts for runners this year.

Check out 50+ gifts for runners in 2020. With running gifts for men, women, and runners who have everything – you’re sure to find a gift idea in this guide! #giftsforrunners #runninggifts

The Best Gifts for Runners in 2024

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Practical Gifts for Runners

Wireless Headphones

All runners love some inspiring music while they sweat it out on the trails or treadmill. If your runner loves to listen to music on the run, some wireless headphones will make their jam session even more convenient.

There are so many headphone options, but here are some of the best for the price. Headphones are an excellent gift idea for runners of every type.

Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners

Recovery Tools

Some of the best gifts for runners are the ones that they will use every single day. While these recovery tools may not sound very exciting, giving a runner one of these gifts is a practical, useful and helpful way to support their passion.

Foam rollers always make a great gift idea for runners. Choose from a variety of different styles, or stick with something more hands-on like the Stick.

Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners

Heated Moji Foam Roller

If you’re looking for a more unique recovery option, check out the Moji products. This heated foam roller is one of my favorites because it enhances the typical foam rolling benefits with the addition of heat. This roller can be used to warm-up the muscles or help cool down and recover after tough runs.

The Heated Foam Roller is the one warm-up and recovery tool that runners need – and often don’t yet have. And now, you no longer need to be tethered to a microwave with the Moji Thermal Bag! Their Thermal Bag allows users to keep the Heated Roller hot for up to 90 minutes to provide on-the-go heat. Order now and receive the Moji Heated Roller and Thermal Bag Bundle for 30% off!

Best Gifts for Runners

Running Planners and Training Journals

There is nothing quite as rewarding as seeing your progress throughout the year. Whether they’re training for a specific race or just running to stay in shape, most runners put training journals to good use.

These planners and journals range from open-ended formats to guided, motivating ways to stay accountable. Planners and journals make an excellent gift for runners, especially at the start of a new year.

Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners

Running Safety Gear

The holiday season goes hand-in-hand with winter running for most runners. With it comes extra long hours of darkness, thick snow and sometimes even fog. One of the best gifts for runners is something that will allow them to stay safe, warm, comfortable AND stylish on the run this season!

WildSpark offers a variety of reflective running apparel to meet any runner’s needs this season. Try gifting your runner one of these unique, stylish shirts to wear on any dark or snowy run.

Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners


There’s nothing worse than being stuck squinting on a bright sunny day. Running in the sun is something that runners do quite often – even in the winter!

These sunglasses are all designed for runners. They are lightweight and stay in place, even amidst all the activity. Sunglasses make a very practical running gift in any price range! If you’re looking for some stylish, timeless sunglasses to keep for years to come, try these Polarized Running Sunglasses from Nathan.

Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners

Find more running sunglasses here: The Best Running Sunglasses of 2024

Water Bottles

Most runners make a point to stay hydrated, both on the run and throughout the day. Giving them a water bottle that will keep things cold during and after their runs will help them stay healthy as they rack up all their mileage.

Choose from some lightweight handheld water bottles, or more durable, insulated bottles to keep around the house. Runners can never have too many!

Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners

>> BONUS: Try these T3 Arrowool Ankle Socks from WORN!

Gifts for Runners Who Have Everything

Bib & Medal Displays

These displays are the perfect gift for any runner! Medal and bib displays give runners a place to show off all of their hard work by displaying bling from their races. They are a very thoughtful gift for runners!

Whether your runner has put in the work to complete one race or many, giving them a place to show off those hard earned medals will be greatly appreciated. Choose from a variety of bib and/or medal displays, to a single display for their goal race.

Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners

Running Movies and Documentaries

Runners are always looking for motivation and inspiration. These running documentaries and movies are a great source of entertainment and camaraderie for those who love the sport.

You can’t go wrong with a movie like these when looking for a running gift. Choose one for your next date night or simply a source of inspiration.

>> Checkout more running movie and documentary recommendations!

Running Decorations

Maybe your loved one already has all the running gear and gadgets they need. If so, these decorations are the perfect way to support their passion.

Rather than buying a new gadget, surprise your runner with any or all of these unique decorations for a thoughtful gift.

Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners

Running Cookbooks

If you know someone who loves to run, they no doubt love to eat as well. These cookbooks make a perfect gift idea for runners who are always hungry.

All of these cookbooks are filled with delicious, easy-to-create, healthy recipes for runners. These meals will keep them fueled and strong to continue logging all those miles. This is a running gift that will keep on giving year-round.

Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners

Nutritional Supplements

Runners are often a health conscious crew. They invest in their own health and usually make an effort to fuel their bodies with wholesome, healthy foods. A popular way of refueling after a run is with a smoothie, which can be packed with nutrients. Naked Nutrition offers a variety of supplements created using natural ingredients to provide a healthy source of fuel. Support your runner and their quest to stay healthy with one of these delicious tasting supplements!

Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners

Try gifting your runner a recovery tool to keep them healthy and injury-free all season! These arch massagers from Alleviate Therapy are a great gift for runners who already have all the typical clothes and accessories.

Running Gifts for Him and Her

Running Jewelry

Just about all women love jewelry – so if you know a female runner, chances are, they probably love it too. With so many cool customization options, jewelry makes a perfect running gift for her.

These earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are a great way to show off her hobby in style. Give her something she will cherish with these unique pieces of jewelry.

Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners

Running Themed Shirts

Themed apparel makes a great running gift for him or her. These shirts are great for all runners – from those who simply love to stay fit to marathoners and more.

With so many unique designs and phrases, there is truly a shirt for everyone. Celebrate their half marathon or marathon accomplishments, their love of coffee, craziness, or anything in between.

Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners
Best Gifts for Runners

Running Books

There are so many running books out there that it can be hard to choose which one to give. Luckily, just about all runners appreciate an inspirational book about their sport.

Whether the author inspires readers by writing about their personal running journey, sharing unique techniques and strategies, or shares about others, it’s hard to go wrong with a running book. Running books make a great gift for him or her!

Unique & Cool Gifts for Runners

Inspirational Shoe Tags

All runners test their limits and push their physical capabilities at some point. When they do, a little inspiration can work wonders to help them keep going.

Some the most unique gift ideas for runners are shoe tags! These inspirational shoe tags attach to shoe laces to provide an inspirational message when they look down.

If you’re looking for a creative running gift for a fun surprise, these shoe tags are a great choice!

Running Mugs

If your loved one is one of those crazy, early morning runners, they no doubt love coffee. Coffee themed gifts are excellent choices for runners, especially around the holidays when the weather is chilly.

All runners will be able to relate to these messages, especiallly in the morning as they drag themselves out of bed.

Recovery Shoes

These types of shoes are not only practical, but very comfortable. If your runner doesn’t own a pair of recovery shoes, they will absolutely love receiving these as a gift.

These types of shoes offer comfort and help expedite recovery after all those miles. These are easy to slip on after a race, whether they’re at home or on the go.

Running Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are an excellent way to support your favorite runner all year round! These boxes are packed with goodies that they will be able to use on the run, with gear meant to inspire and keep them motivated.

Subscribe for $36/month, or pay in advance for a discount. Send a one time gift for $36.99!

Subscribe for $25 every two months or send a one time gift for $32. Choose from 5 themed gift box options!

Subscribe for $19.95/month or send a one time gift for $24.95. 3 month and 6 month gift options are also available!

With a little creativity, the possibilities for running gifts are truly endless! Your loved ones will appreciate you taking the time to celebrate their hobbies and acknowledge all of their accomplishments.

Taking the time to find the best, unique gift for a runner in your life will make their holiday season even more special. Surprising the runner you love with a unique holiday or Christmas gift will show them how much you really care about them – even if you don’t quite understand their obsession.

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