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Best Cold Weather Running Jackets in 2023 | Winter Running Jackets for Men & Women

Taking the time to find the best cold weather running jacket will not only keep you warm, but will help you stay consistent, motivated and excited throughout the winter running season.

Investing in a winter running jacket allows runners to continue running outdoors through the winter – improving morale and helping prevent the winter blues. Here are some of the best cold weather running jackets for the 2023 season.

Best Cold Weather Running Jackets for Women

These running jackets for women are some of the best winter and cold weather options of 2023. With features including insulation, waterproofing, windproofing, reflective materials and more, there is something for every runner this winter.

Best Cold Weather Running Jackets for Men

These running jackets for men are packed with features that will make cold weather running enjoyable this winter season. From comfort to insulation and protection from the elements, there is certainly a jacket here to meet your needs.

What qualifies the best cold weather running jacket will vary from one runner to another. Individual preferences as well as climate greatly impact the style and features of the winter running jacket that is right for you.

Here are a few features to consider when deciding which cold weather running jacket is best for you.

What to Consider in a Winter Running Jacket

Running jackets, especially those designed for cold weather, often come with a variety of different features. Some contain thermal qualities for extremely low temperatures, while others are waterproof, packable or lightweight. Check out the most common features of winter running jackets.


Most running jackets are made out of common materials such as nylon or polyester, with some heavy-duty options of wool (for those arctic-like conditions). In most cases, runners want a winter running jacket that is waterproof, or at least water-resistant, for keeping the snow, sleet and rain away.

The material will also play a role in how thick, flexible, comfortable and portable the jacket is. The thicker the material, the less flexible it will be. However, a thicker material often means more protection from the elements.


The best cold weather running jackets all provide some level of insulation. Jackets designed for extreme cold are highly insulated to provide maximum warmth and protection.

However, if you run in a more moderate climate, less insulation may be needed. Be sure to adjust your criteria based on your own specific climate and personal preferences.

Water Resistance or Waterproof

Winter running means snow, sleet, rain and hail in many areas. Because of this, nearly all cold weather running jackets are water resistant in some capacity.

If you live in areas that receive heavy amounts of rain or snow in the winter, investing in a running jacket that is fully waterproof will allow you to run outside in all conditions.


Pockets are a key component of any running jacket – but especially those designed for cold weather. A jacket with pockets on the inside provides a great place for any object that you’ll want to protect from the elements, like your phone or fuel.

Extra pockets can also come in handy for storing gear like gloves, mittens, hydration and more.

Hood or High Collar

Most winter running jackets are designed with either a hood or high collar to offer maximum protection. A hood is beneficial in areas with heavy snowfall or wind, as it can protect your entire head from the elements and offer maximum warmth.

If you don’t plan to run through any cold winds, sleet or snow, a high collar might be all you need to protect your skin. If you’re unsure, a running jacket with a detachable hood offers the best of both worlds.

Thumb Holes

A feature that is often overlooked, but has the potential to really level up your comfort and warmth, is a thumb hole. These holes loop around the thumb, which not only offer another layer of protection for the top of the hand, but make it incredibly easy to slip into mittens.

Flexibility – Soft Shell or Hard Shell

Soft shell versus hard shell running jackets vary in their purpose as well as design. Hard shell jackets in general are more heavy duty – designed to offer maximum protection from the elements. They are typically waterproof and fully protective against the wind.

On the other hand, soft shell jackets are significantly more flexible and packable. These jackets are usually water resistant, but are much more moveable on the run. Most running jackets are soft shell style, however, there are some cold weather running jackets available in hard shell for more extreme conditions.


Another component of winter running jackets that can be crucial in some conditions in visibility. Running in heavy snow or rain, as well as increased hours of darkness make visibility important for most runners.

Jackets with reflective patches or materials allow runners to be seen even in dark conditions or low visibility.

What kind of running jacket for rain and snow?

The most important feature to consider when selecting a snow or rain running jacket is whether or not it is waterproof. If you plan to run through conditions that are snowy or rainy this winter, a waterproof running jacket is a must.

What kind of running jacket for wind?

Running jackets designed for wind are often considered wind-breakers which are made with a lightweight fabric that blocks the wind from hitting the skin. In cold conditions that are windy, however, a windbreaker is usually not enough.

Hard shell running jackets offer maximum protection for windy, cold runs by blocking the wind while still providing warmth.

What kind of running jacket for cold weather?

Winter running often involves many cold, frigid runs, in addition to other elements. If cold conditions are part of your running season, investing in a running jacket with insulation is a must.

In addition, hoods, thumb holes, zippers and waterproof materials may all be of added benefit.

Check out the best cold weather running jackets of the year. Stay warm and dry this winter running season with these jackets for men & women!

The 10 Best Winter Running Jackets of 2023

These cold weather running jackets are more than just a stylish addition to your winter running wardrobe. With everything from waterproof materials to insulation and bonus comfort features, this list of running jackets provides something for everyone.

Baleaf Insulated Running Jacket

This winter running jacket is perfect for cold weather. The jacket is lined with fleece for extra warmth and comfort in even the coldest temperatures. This running jacket is significantly more affordable that most other options, making it a great find if you’re looking to save some money.


  • Very affordable!
  • Fleece lined
  • Water resistant
  • Hood
  • Thumb holes

adidas Ultimate Running Conquer the Elements Cold.Rdy Jacket

Check out the best cold weather running jackets of the year. Stay warm and dry this winter running season with these jackets for men & women!
Check out the best cold weather running jackets of the year. Stay warm and dry this winter running season with these jackets for men & women!

This running women’s jacket from adidas is a versatile option for cold and chilly conditions. The detachable sleeves allow this jacket to convert into a vest for fall and spring running, while providing maximum protection during the winter.

Inside the jacket, you’ll find a completely waterproof zip pocket to keep your phone and valuables protected from rain or snow on the run.


  • Insulated
  • Flexible, stretchy material
  • Detachable sleeves become a vest
  • Waterproof zip pocket

Smartwool Smartloft Jacket

If you’re facing extreme cold this winter, this running jacket will surely keep you warm. Made from merino wool, this Smarloft Jacket features a water resistant, soft-shell exterior with wool on this inside for maximum warmth. The hood and zipper pockets will keep you and your valuables safe and dry.


  • Made from merino wool
  • Zipper closure
  • Hood
  • Water resistance

The North Face Core Winter Warm Jacket

This cold weather running jacket will keep you warm in an environmentally friendly way. With 40 grams of recycled insulation within the collar, sleeves and front body, this jacket will keep the warmth in. The water repellent material keeps snow and rain away, while the interior tech fabric prevents sweat from sticking.


  • Water-repellent
  • Insulation made from recycled materials
  • Flexible for optimal mobility
  • Performance tech material wicks away sweat

adidas Terrex Agravic Windweave Pro Octa Insulation Windbreaker

Check out the best cold weather running jackets of the year. Stay warm and dry this winter running season with these jackets for men & women!

This men’s running jacket is perfect for trail runners. The jacket provides warmth for cold weather while also protecting from the wind on the trails. It can easily be packed down for convenient transport, and is a great option for those looking to avoid the bulk but still needing an extra layer of protection.


  • Protects from the wind
  • Mesh insulation
  • Packable jacket
  • Zippered pocket
  • Shell material with venting

Brooks Canopy Jacket

If winter running season brings lots of rain but not as many frigid temperatures, the Canopy Jacket is sure to meet your needs. This running jacket provides protections from the elements, such as wind, rain and sleet, to keep you dry and comfortable all season. This packable jacket is easy to transport and flexible during a run.


  • Flexible, packable material
  • Sustainably made
  • Wind and water protection
  • Breathable material

Arc’teryx Norvan LT Hoodie

This cold weather running jacket will keep you warm in any condition. The Gore-Tex material is entirely waterproof and windproof, while still providing breathability. This lightweight jacket will keep you warm by keeping the cold weather out – without all the added bulk.


  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Goretex material
  • Minimalist design
  • Hood
  • Zipper pockets

Marmot Tempo Softshell Jacket

Keep yourself dry with this flexible winter running jacket. The water-resistant material keeps off snow and rain, while the double layer keeps in heat. Opt for comfort and mobility this cold weather running season while still staying warm and dry. Enjoy the adjustable collar, cuffs and zippered pockets for your convenience.

  • Drawstring collar and cuffs
  • Water resistant material
  • Flexible
  • Zippered pockets
  • Double layered

Patagonia Houdini Running Jacket

Check out the best cold weather running jackets of the year. Stay warm and dry this winter running season with these jackets for men & women!
Check out the best cold weather running jackets of the year. Stay warm and dry this winter running season with these jackets for men & women!

Stay visible in snow, rain and fog this winter running season. The Houdini Running Jacket is made with reflective material to keep you safe on even the darkest run. With adjustable sleeves, hood and waist, this jacket is designed to keep water and cold air out.

Zippered pockets will keep your valuable safes, while the lightweight material makes it easier than ever to move on the run.


  • Reflective material
  • Zippered pockets
  • Adjustable hood, waist and cuffs
  • Recycled materials

Asics Winter Run Jacket

This cold weather running jacket will keep you dry and warm throughout the winter season. The insulated padding throughout the chest and core help keep warmth in, while breathable fabrics prevent sweat from making you wet. Enjoy flexible thermal fabrics with zipper closures to keep maximum heat inside.


  • Insulation padding
  • Water-resistant and water-repellent
  • Thermal knit fabric
  • Zipper closures
  • Breathable fabric

Finding the right running jacket for winter and cold weather running is well worth the time and investment. If you’re considering running outdoors this season, the most important piece of gear you’ll need is a jacket.

With the right jacket, you’ll be able to enjoy the gorgeous view of winter with comfort while outdoors on the run.

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