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December Favorites Christmas Traditions Skiing

Happy New Year’s Eve! This year started out in a bit of a whirlwind, and time just seemed to move faster and faster as the days went on. Here we are already on the last day of 2017! This year has been filled with some euphoric highs as well as some pretty rough lows. I am taking a moment to be grateful for those tough times, because I learned something in each of those moments. The memories from the high points will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Here’s to 2017!

To cap off the year, I wanted to round up some of my favorite moments from December.

December Favorites

Winter finally made it’s appearance and I couldn’t have been more excited about my first winter run! The snow is so beautiful and really never gets old. I am so excited for this winter running season!

Winter Running Favorites Winter Running Favorites Winter Running Favorites

I tried my best to include a whole bunch of Christmas activities throughout the month, including one of my favorites: the 12 days of Christmas Workout! I did this workout twice while watching a Christmas movie and felt so festive.

Christmas Workout Plank

This month brought some unexpected challenges, but they reminded me to stay present in the moment and not to wish the time away. Being present has been my focus throughout the holiday season, and I definitely hope that continues in the New Year.

Being Present Favorites

I finally completed a full fitness challenge (that was not a running training plan)! I learned a lot about myself and fitness maintenance during this challenge, and it left me with motivation to move on to the 30 day plank challenge. (My 30th day of this one is today!)

Fall Fitness Challenge Favorites

My husband and I were able to celebrate Christmas with both families and are looking forward to some relaxing time together this next week!

Christmas Favorites

We are currently up north in Michigan spending a few days skiing! Skiing is one of my absolute favorite winter hobbies, and we have made it a tradition to ski the week between Christmas and New Years. This year we will be ringing in the new year up north as well!

Downhill Skiing Favorites Downhill Skiing Favorites

I hope you have some exciting plans for your New Year! I can’t wait to sit down tomorrow and make some new resolutions!

To cap off the year, I wanted to share the 10 top posts from the past 12 months in case you missed them!

Top Blog Posts and Favorites

Top Posts of 2017

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Have an amazing New Year’s Eve! I hope you stay safe, celebrate, and ring in the New Year in the best way possible!Creating a Fitness Resolution

Top Blog Posts and Favorites

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