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Must Have Fall Running Gear and Accessories

The cooler temperatures and beautiful colors make fall running season a favorite among most runners. There’s nothing better than stepping outside into the crisp air on a sunny fall day! As the seasons change, it’s a great time to think about finding some new gear for upcoming races, or just as a way to celebrate the beginning of the greatest time of year.

As I near the end of a training plan, one of my favorite ways to treat myself is to buy a new running outfit for race day. Shopping for running gear is always so exciting – especially when you’re shopping for clothes for a particular event.

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As the last month of marathon training approaches, I find myself getting more and more excited for all that is to come. Fall running brings longer runs, harder workouts and so many goal races.

As we transition into this new season, I’m anxiously awaiting the moments when I get to wear some of my favorite fall running gear for the first time in a year.

The fresh new styles that hit the stores, along with some of my favorite timeless classics, make sorting through fall apparel endlessly exciting each year.

This year, I want to share some of my favorite fall running gear and accessories. With a mix of new styles and some of my old favorites, these running clothes bring even more joy to each of my runs.

A comprehensive guide to all the must have fall running gear this season. These running accessories, gadgets and clothes are great ideas for runners as the cold weather approaches and seasons change. Check out these ideas for your best training season yet! #fallrunninggear #runninggear #runningaccessories

The Best Fall Running Gear and Accessories

**Note: This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. However, ALL opinions are my own.

Asics Lightweight Running Jacket

Cooler temperatures call for a running jacket to keep us warm on the run! I love bringing lightweight jackets along in the fall because they can easily be removed when the temperature warms up. This jacket is so lightweight that I am able to bundle it up and stuff it in my running pouch when it gets too warm.

My favorite part about this jacket is that it feels so lightweight, but keeps wind and rain away so I still feel so much warmer when wearing it. It’s easy to pack and perfect for layering in the fall.

Brooks Long Sleeve 1/2 Zip

Brooks’ running pullovers are always some of my favorites. I love pulling them out because they come in so many bright colors and can match with just about anything! I have had this particular pullover (in sea green) for years and it has yet to get damaged or shrink.

This pullover is slightly more fitted than others, but just the right amount. It looks more flattering than most other pullovers I’ve tried, but isn’t too tight or uncomfortable in any way.

Patagonia Vest

Perhaps my all-time favorite piece of fall running gear is this Patagonia vest. This vest comes with me on just about every run from October through February. It adds so much warmth while still allowing me to wear my favorite shirts and colorful outfits. It was a pricey investment but has definitely made up for it in the use I’ve gotten form it so far.

The best part about this vest is the pockets – when I wear this vest I don’t even need to bring a running pouch. There’s enough room for me to store my fuel, phone, headphones, and any gloves or headband I might bring.

Compression Tights

One of my favorite ways to recover from long runs is to wear compression tights for the rest of the day. These tights not only feel comfortable on my tired legs, but they promote blood flow and help relieve some of the aches and pains.

A word of advice – buy them in your actual size. When I got my first pair of compression tights I was so nervous because they looked and fit small that I bought a size up. But as it turns out, they’re supposed to feel like that (I should’ve figured that out, ha). They may feel small at first but that is just the compression doing it’s job!

Outdoor Research Mittens

I know I’ve mentioned these mittens many times before, but I just can’t get enough of them. They were the best fall and winter running gear purchase I’ve ever made, and they’re not even expensive! With all the fancy, expensive running mitten and glove options out there, I thought for sure that these wouldn’t end up keeping my hands warm.

But much to my surprise, these gloves keep my hands nice and toasty (even with extra sensitivity to cold and Raynauds). I will never buy another pair of running gloves! These are definitely a must-have piece of gear for fall running.

Boho Headbands

Temperatures in the fall can be tricky – it’s not cold enough to wear a full blown hat or winter headband, but my ears are always really chilly when I start running. These headbands have been the perfect solution!

They can roll up or be expanded, making them perfect for that transition. I love to wear them over my ears at the beginning of each fall run, and then roll them up when it starts to get warm. Plus, they come in some awesome colors too!

The change in seasons brings me so much excitement about what is to come this year. Marathon training will shortly come to a close with a few weeks of taper and race day, followed by the transition to easy running as the holidays arrive.

Running in cooler weather makes all of those hot, humid summer runs worth it. Each mile feels easier when the temperature cools, and I just can’t get enough of those beautiful changing leaves.

Fall running season is here to stay, and I can’t wait to get started with my favorite running gear.

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A comprehensive guide to all the must have fall running gear this season. These running accessories, gadgets and clothes are great ideas for runners as the cold weather approaches and seasons change. Check out these ideas for your best training season yet! #fallrunninggear #runninggear #runningaccessories
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