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Fall Running: 6 Reasons Why It’s the Best

Running in fall brings some of the best conditions, most beautiful scenery, and fun opportunities of the entire year. After a hot, humid summer, the arrival of autumn weather brings just about any runner some welcomed relief.

Why is running in the fall the best?

If you’re new to running or just haven’t gotten to experience fall running yet, you might be wondering what all the hype is about.

Nearly every runner that lives in an area with multiple seasons can tell you that fall running season is simply the best.

Transitioning from summer to fall running season is one of the easiest for runners. Lower humidity levels and decreasing temperatures often make running feel as if it is suddenly a bit easier than it has been the past few months.

The Best Parts About Fall Running

Whether you’re wondering whether or not you should start running in the fall, or wanting to get excited about an upcoming season change, here is a list to get you motivated. Running in autumn is not only beautiful, but brings prime conditions to hit your next goal.

  • Beautiful colors
  • Cool, but not cold, temperatures
  • Low humidity and dry air
  • Light breezes
  • Still have some evening and morning light
  • Paces feels easier after a hot, humid summer
  • Return to structure and schedules
  • Peak time for many bucket list races
  • Delicious post-run treats and drinks

While summertime brings some much-needed sunshine and extra hours of daylight, running can be especially difficult. After weeks and months of trudging through heat and humidity, planning around vacations or having kids at home, fall running season brings some welcomed relief.

If you’re looking to start running for the first time, or pick a season to plan your goal race, you can’t go wrong running in fall. Here are 6 reasons you need to try, or continue to embrace, fall running season.

Running in the fall brings ideal weather and beautiful scenery. Check out these 6 reasons why fall running is the best for some running inspiration to stay motivated! #fallrunning #runninginfall #runninginspiration #runningmotivation

Fall Running: 6 Reasons You Need to Try It

Running in fall is a favorite for most runners – and for good reason. After a hot and sweaty summer, autumn weather makes running feel immensely easier. If you’re looking for some motivation, or are wondering if this is the right time to get started, here are 6 reasons you need to run this autumn.

Perfect temperatures for running.

Regardless of where you live, the transition from summer to fall usually means cooler temperatures, less humidity, and fresh, crisp air. Fall running season brings about some of the most ideal weather conditions for runners.

Running in the fall often means chillier temperatures – but not the bitter, frigid temps that occur during the winter. These cooler temperatures create the perfect environment for your body to give full effort without overheating. Fall is the perfect time to layer up at the start of a long run, so you can maintain a comfortable body temperature even after running for hours.

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As if that’s not enough, running in autumn also brings a drop in humidity for those in humid climates. Humidity can make running feel exponentially more challenging, no matter what the actual temperature is. The crisp air feels like a literal breath of fresh air after months spent sludging through moist, humid conditions.

Beautiful colors and scenery.

In addition to nearly perfect weather, fall also brings some of the most beautiful foliage and running scenery of the year. The changing colors of leaves can make just about any running trail or neighborhood look like a scene from a movie.

Fall is the perfect time to explore local trails, take in the sheer beauty around you, and get outside to see your neighborhood transform. Running in fall scenery provides awesome motivation to get outside and appreciate the seasons changing.

After months of trudging through hot, sweaty conditions, the change in weather is enhanced with the beautiful colors that surround us with every step.

Fun themed runs and races.

All of the perfect running weather and beautiful scenery comes at a perfect time – right at the start of the holiday season. As we transition from summer to fall running season, we are welcomed with many approaching holidays and seasonal themes.

Running in the fall brings plenty of seasonally themed races and fun runs. Check out runs through apple orchard, pumpkin fun runs and races for cider as the season begins.

These motivating themes are followed with the beginning of the holiday season, as we find plenty of racing opportunities for Halloween. Dress up in your favorite costume to score a medal as you run this autumn! These costume races are followed with a plethora of turkey trots and Thanksgiving races to jump start the official holiday season.

Delicious recovery treats.

Running becomes even more rewarding when you are able to follow it up with some delicious treats. Fall is known for its seasonal comfort foods and delicious treats that only appear this time of year.

After a chilly run, there’s nothing more comforting than a warm glass of tea, cider or hot chocolate. Refresh yourself with a seasonal latte or refuel with a delicious caramel apple.

Running in fall means you’ll have carb loading options like homemade donuts to get your body stocked up before your next long run. Take advantage of all the season has to offer by rewarding yourself for the miles logged with some delicious, seasonal treats!

There’s no argument that fall running season is one of the best. Running in the fall brings ideal weather and beautiful scenery. Check out these 6 reasons why fall running is the best for some running inspiration to help you stay motivated and make the most out of this season! #fallrunning #runninginfall #runninginspiration #runningmotivation

More structure and routine.

In many parts of the world, the transition from summer to fall coincides with the beginning of a new school year. As the school year begins, many families find themselves returning to a routine filled with more structure than those lazy summer months.

When routine and structure return to each day, it’s the perfect time to revamp your running routine and really get focused on training. Consistency seems easier to come by when the rest of your family is returning to routine as well, so take advantage of this time to re-establish a running routine.

Fit in those long runs while the kids are in school or resume your early morning trips to the gym. Finding a schedule that works best with your lifestyle is key to making the most of running in the fall.

Peak season for running goals.

Aside from its beauty, comfort and weather, fall also brings peak running season for many runners chasing PRs and race goals. Races peak in the late fall, so many runners find themselves logging some of their highest mileage and hardest workouts of training at the beginning of fall.

This peak season comes at the ideal time – when the temperature cools, humidity drops, and conditions are ideal for a shiny new PR.

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Take advantage of running in autumn this year by enjoying some long runs, hard workouts, and plenty of recovery. As the weather changes, your body will likely feel that it doesn’t have to work as hard to achieve the same results as it did during the summer. Maintaining your goal pace may suddenly become a little easier.

Autumn brings amazing conditions, fun races, delicious foods and beautiful scenery. There is really no doubt that running in the fall brings some of the best conditions and highest motivation of the entire year.

More tips for running in fall: