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Favorite Cross Training Workouts

Happy Wednesday! We are partway through the week and just a few days away from September. The start of September will mean that we are just TWO months away from the TCS NYC Marathon! That is crazy.

As we get closer to the day of the marathon, my training is starting to ramp up and I am finding less time to incorporate strength exercises and cross training workouts since the runs take up more time. This is always the point in a marathon training plan where I get tested: I either give up my attempts to cross train and get the miles in but not much else, or I dig deep and remind myself the importance of all the extra things and make the time to do them.

I am trying hard to continue doing my strength training and cross training even as the runs get longer, and thought I’d share some of my favorite cross training workouts to keep myself motivated!

Here are my top 6 ideas for a cross training Wednesday workout 🙂

Cross Training Ideas for Runners

Runner’s World Yoga

  • I’ve been on a yoga kick lately and really could tell a difference yesterday in my run. My legs felt looser and springy, and finally didn’t feel like they were bricks weighing me down! I love Runner’s World yoga because there are so many different options online that target different areas, or recovery for runners.

Iron Strength

  • This is one of my all time favorites. This is a super intense cross training so be prepared to be sore for a little while after completing it, but I think it’s really effective! I used to do this workout once a week and definitely noticed a positive difference in my running because of it.

Kayla Itsines’ Workouts

  • Another great workout that targets all areas! She has so many different options. I followed her 12 Week BBG Program a few years ago, and have since completed it again 3 times. I love how much stronger I feel after her workouts, and how much of a sweat they work up in just 28 minutes!

8 Minute Abs

  • I will never get tired of this old classic YouTube workout. It is so quick but still does the trick.

Strength Training Workout

  • My favorite strength training workout to do on Tuesdays! I created this workout when I was in Physical Therapy after a marathon, and haven’t gone back since. It is my way of working in moves for all my weak spots, without being too intense that I can’t run the next day.

45 Minute Spin Workout

  • I love spinning because it burns calories just like running but is so much easier on the joints! Whenever I am truly in the zone with this workout I work up such a sweat. I love sweating out all the toxins and really feeling like I’ve earned that late morning snack 😉

Those are my go to cross training options each week. I try to mix them up as much as possible so my body never adapts to the same moves, but always end up repeating my favorites:)

Cross training makes us well rounded athletes, stronger, and better runners. I will remind myself of this on all the days when I am tempted to skip it!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Favorite Cross Training Workouts for Runners

Favorite Cross Training Workouts for Runners

Favorite Cross Training Workouts for Runners

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