My Focus on Mindfulness this New Year

Resolution to Be More Present

There’s nothing like a brand new year to get someone with a type-A personality excited. I love the blank canvas of a new year, the feeling that anything is possible. There’s no better time to sit down and set some goals, evaluate my own progress, and begin dreaming.

As I sit down to evaluate 2017 and determine what I want to improve in this brand new year, I’m excited about bettering myself. I’m excited to dream big and see how many of these big dreams I can accomplish in the next 12 months.

Two years ago I started setting a focus word for the year along with my New Year’s Resolutions. I have set resolutions for as long as I can remember, but just recently decided that I wanted a word to encompass all of my goals and remind me of my dreams for that year.

As I set this focus word each year, it helps remind me of why I want to accomplish these goals. It reminds me that in each and every day, I can do something to make progress towards becoming a better person.

Resolution to Be More Present

While I write out my goals for the year, I find myself looking ahead. I am looking forward to so many things this year, eager to see what I can accomplish. I’m looking forward to future races, changes in season, and accomplishing my goals.

But as I look forward to all these things, I am also reminding myself to appreciate where I am now. Each January I get caught up in the resolution trap (as I like to call it). I started dreaming and planning, and forget to appreciate the here and now. There was a LOT that happened which got me to where I am today, and just because I am sitting down to plan changes doesn’t mean that I am not good enough right now.

So if you’re planning some big weight loss changes, new fitness routines, healthier eating habits, career shifts, or anything else, it doesn’t mean that where you are right now isn’t good enough.

What you have, here and today, is awesome. You are fantastic exactly as you are today. Appreciate this moment and enjoy every part of your current routine. Planning to better yourself is an excellent tradition. But if you get so caught up in the change that you lose the present, you won’t be able to make progress towards your goals.

Shooting for the starts and working to achieve your dreams is about more than just the end result. It’s about every step along the way, every hardship you conquer, every moment of joy, and all of the imperfections.

My focus word for this year is present. I want to be more present in each and every moment. I want to find happiness in my daily routine, and find joy in the little things I do each and every day. Setting out my goals and planning for the year is my first step, but every day is not going to be filled with a milestone. Some day I am going to look back on these days that felt so boring and mediocre, and remember how great they truly were.

I want to appreciate their greatness while they are here, while I am living it. There’s no day like the present. I am loving where I am today, setting out to accomplish some big goals, and appreciating myself along the way.

Resolution to Be More Present

Focus on Being Present this New Year


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