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45+ Free Running Plans | Beginner to Marathon and Ultra

Finding a free running plan may feel nearly impossible when it seems that all of the popular training plans cost money. However, there are a surprising number of free running plans available for just about any distance – it just requires a bit of searching.

Training plans are beneficial for runners of all abilities. Whether you’re training to run your very first mile or have set your sights on a marathon or ultra.

However, it can be hard to justify spending money on a training plan after already paying for the race. Luckily, these free running plans are just as thorough, involved and easy to interpret as the most popular plans – but come without a cost.

Download any or all of these 45+ free running plans to conquer your race goals! Browse plans from beginner and 5k to marathon and ultra.

45+ Free Running Plans

These free running training plans cover just about every possible race distance. Whether you’re looking for a plan to start running for the first time, run your first 5k, a full marathon or anything in between – there is a training plan to help you achieve your goals.

Browse these running plans and pick your favorites to download for free!

Free Running Plans for Beginners

These training plans provide great structure for beginners who are just getting started running. They start runners with no experience and provide structure to gradually build up mileage in an attainable way.

Free 1 Mile Training Plans

Use any of this free running plan to work up to running your very first mile. Whether you’re training for a new PR or hoping to complete the distance for the very first time, this structure will break down your training to help you achieve your goals.

Free 5k Training Plans

These training plans work up to the 5k distance over the course of one to three months. Download any or all of the free running programs to train for your goal race.

Free 10k Training Plans

Most 10k training plans require at least a bit of prior running experience. Beginning with 1 – 2 mile runs, these training programs work up to the 6.2 mile distance.

Free 15k Training Plans

These 15k training plans will help runners work up to the 9.3 mile distance. Choose from beginner to more advanced plans to best meet your race day goals.

Free 10 Mile Training Plans

The 10 mile distance has become a popular race day goal for many runners hoping to complete a half marathon in the future. These free running plans work up to 10 miles, whether for a race or simply base building for a half marathon.

Free Half Marathon Training Plans

Finding the right half marathon training plan plays a large role in your success on race day. Browse through the plans to find programs for beginners to advanced runners alike.

Free 25k Training Plans

This 15.5 mile distance is a great way to challenge yourself after completing a half, even if you don’t feel ready for a full marathon. Choose from any of these running programs to work up to the 25k goal.

Free Marathon Training Plans

Just about every runner needs a training plan to complete a marathon. These free running plans help runners work up to the massive 26.2 mile distance to conquer their goals and achieve their dreams.

Free Ultramarathon Training Plans

Some runners just can’t get enough and continue to increase their distance. Ultramarathons are classified as races that are longer than a full marathon, with anything from 50k to 100 mile distances.

Download any or all of these free running plans to meet your race day goals. Having a training plan is a great way to stay consistent and accountable, while avoiding injury and overtraining. Whether you’re a beginner runner or seasoned pro, these training plans can help you conquer even the wildest goals.

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