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Check out our free downloads below! Runnin’ for Sweets has everything you need! From multiple different training plans, workouts, fitness challenges, and plenty of resources for runners, these free printables are a must have. Whether you’re an pro or beginner runner, these running resources will make you a better runner.

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Use this treadmill pace chart to convert different treadmill speeds to your running pace. It’s the perfect tool for beginners and seasoned runners alike! Check out this pace chart during regular training and workouts on the treadmill. #treadmillpace #treadmillspeed #treadmillconversion

Printable 16 Week Beginner Half Marathon Training Plan

25k Training Plan


Printable Race Day Packing Checklist for Runners

30 Day Strength Training Challenge for Runners

30 Day Plank Challenge Free Printable

This full body health challenge will give you daily workouts, tips and fitness motivation to get back on track. Try the reset workout, and recharge your motivation with the weekly health challenge. Download it for free

After years of failed attempts waking up early, I figured that I would never be someone who could workout in the morning. Finally, I found the motivation to give it one last shot and completed my workout at 4:30 am every day for a month. Here is what happened by the end of my month spent working out in the morning.This 30 day push up challenge is the ultimate plan for beginners looking to get better at push ups and build upper body strength. The 14 push up variations start easy and gradually increase in difficulty, leaving you with strong, toned arms after just 30 days.