Friday Favorites: Races, Holidays & Sunrises

Favorites Sunrise

Happy Friday, friends! The best day of the week, and an especially exciting one since next week is a short week. These past two weeks have been filled with randomness – trying to return from our trip and find our way back to a routine. We’ve had some really relaxing days combined with busy ones, but they’ve balanced out pretty well. The seasons are slowly changing outside and I am so excited for the last few weeks of the year! Let’s catch up on some of my favorites from the past few weeks.

The marathon photos are in! I decided not to purchase the package for this race and I’m glad I didn’t, because the struggle sure is real in most of these pictures. I usually am pretty good about smiling when I see a photographer, but whenever I saw one in NYC I seemed to be eating or struggling hardcore. It’s fun to look back at these moments and laugh at myself though:). These are two of my favorites from the pictures!

We saw the most beautiful sunrise on our way to the 5k last weekend! The one nice thing about it getting light at a later time is that it’s so much easier to see the sunrise and sunset each day. It was definitely on of my favorites that I’ve seen this year.

I had so much fun running a 5k last weekend! I’m not a fast runner, so I usually steer clear of shorter races because they are definitely not my forte. However, I really enjoyed myself at this race. My mom, husband and I ran the Hot Cider Hustle as a really easy, recovery run and it was great. We got the pullovers and mugs from the race, plus caramel apples and the best hot cider at the end.

Last week I saw this heated jacket when I was putting together my Christmas list and it looks so tempting! I am always cold and can’t imagine having a jacket that heats up within seconds. The reviews were all really positive too, I may just be adding this to my list this year 😉

Favorites Heated Jacket

We visited a cute little town in Michigan last weekend to go shopping and meet up with my husband’s family. This town is known for it’s Christmas store so we go there every year in the fall! They had some cupcake decorations downtown and we couldn’t resist getting some pictures. This picture was one of my favorites.

Favorites cupcake Picture

While shopping around, we came across THE FUZZIEST socks you’ve ever seen. These Sherpa socks are so thick and fuzzy! They came in a million colors and my husband ended up buying some for right there (probably because he is sick of feeling my cold feet each night). I’ve been wearing them for the past few days and they feel like pillows on my feet.

Favorites Sherpa Fuzzy Socks

When I was in middle school my neighbor gave me a Christmas themed paint by numbers that took me about 3 years to complete. The painting was incredibly detailed and it took so long just to find all of the numbers on the painted. It turned out incredible though and doesn’t look like an amateur could have painted it! I’ve looked around for years since then trying to find a paint by numbers of a similar difficulty level in stores but have had no luck. This year I finally found one online and have been loving it so far! It’s definitely slow going, but it’s my favorite way to relax at the end of the night.


I still just can’t stop reading about the New York City Marathon last weekend. There are so many inspirational stories that pop up, from the elites, to the volunteers, to the last runners to finish. What an incredible experience! Photo from the TCS New York City Marathon Facebook page.

Favorites New York City Marathon

This weekend is going to be a relaxing one for us, with no travel plans! I can’t wait to spend some time getting our house decked out for the holidays and making progress on my painting. Hopefully your Friday is fantastic!

Favorites 5k Races

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