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75+ Funny Marathon Signs: Unforgettable Running Sign Ideas

Funny marathon signs can be incredibly motivating and distracting for runners in the middle of a 26.2 mile race. These signs might seem fairly insignificant to the spectator, but they can have a powerful impact on runners.

Why should I make a funny marathon sign?

Running posters of any kind are always appreciated by runners, but funny marathon signs are particularly memorable. These funny signs evoke humor and help marathon runners take their mind off the (often intense) pain they are experiencing.

Even just the simplest sign, made from a piece of cardboard and a marker, can help runners take their mind off the race and provide just the boost they need to keep going.

What signs are encouraging for runners?

Just about any running poster is encouraging for runners. Seeing spectators along the course and noticing that they took the time to create a sign is often enough to help cultivate gratitude and inspire marathon runners.

However, funny marathon signs and encouraging running signs are two of the best. Signs with a positive or funny message keep runners entertained and help take their mind off the run, even if for just a few minutes.

Tips for displaying funning running signs

If you’re planning to make and bring along a funny marathon sign as a spectator at a race, you’ve already accomplished the first and most important job of a spectator: be present. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your spectating experience.

  • Engage with the runners
  • Be visible and vocal
  • Make eye contact
  • Display your sign proudly
  • Stay for the entire race
Check out more than 75 funny marathon sign ideas! These running posters are sure to elicit a laugh out of any marathon runner.

50+ Funny Marathon Signs

Here are some of the best and most impactful funny marathon signs. If you’re going to make a sign, you might as well make one that’s going to be memorable. These funny running posters are sure to take any marathoners mind off their pain!

  • I Training for Months to Hold This Sign
  • You Know You Don’t Have to Do This, Right?
  • Worst Parade Ever
  • I Don’t Even Like Driving 26.2 Miles
  • You Are Not Slow – You’re Getting Your Money’s Worth
  • If I See You Collapse, I’ll Pause Your Garmin
  • Whine Now, Wine Later
  • Because 26.3 Would Just Be Crazy!
  • You’re Faster Than Jimmy Johns
  • The Kenyans Are Already Done
  • This Is a Lot of Work for a Free Banana
  • Why?
  • Life Is Short, Running Makes It Seem Longer
  • Want Us to Call You an Uber?
  • Simile – Remember, You Paid to Do This
  • You Thought It Said Rum, Didn’t You?
  • Why Do All the Cute Ones Run Away?
  • Slow Down, I’m Trying to Count Everyone
  • I Stayed Up All Night Making This Sign
  • Where Is Everyone Going?
  • Pain Is Temporary, Race Results Are Online Forever
  • It Sure Seemed Like a Good Idea 4 Months Ago
  • You’re Running Better Than the Government
  • I’m Just Trying to Cross the Street
  • Your Pace or mine?
  • If It Were Easy I Would Do It
  • Just Finished My Own Marathon: On Netflix
  • And I Thought Nascar Was Boring
  • I Bet You’re Second Guessing This New Year’s Resolution, Aren’t You?
  • You Think You’re Tired, My Arms Are Killing Me
  • No Candy? This Parade Stinks
  • Toenails Are for Losers
  • Which One of You Farlek’d
  • You’re Only Doing This So You Can Post a Picture On Facebook
  • There Is Beer at the Finish Line
  • Smile If You’re Not Wearing Underwear
  • Run Like Someone Called You a Jogger
  • Running Is a Mental Sport, and You’re All Insane
  • At Least You Don’t Have to Swim or Bike
  • Don’t Stop – People are Watching!
  • Is this the Line for Free Bananas?
  • Marathon: a 10km Run with a 20 Mile Warm Up
  • It Could Be Worse, You Could Be Doing Burpees
  • 1 km to Go! Disclaimer: I’m Bad at Math
  • At Least You’re Not at Work
  • It’s Never to Late to Go Back to Bed
  • You Could Have Chosen Chess
  • Hey Marathoners, Hurry Up! The Half Marathoners Are Eating All the Food!
  • Don’t Worry, Tomorrow You Won’t Feel Your Feet at All
  • You’ve Done Smarter Things Drunk

22 Encouraging Running Posters

Oftentimes, a little encouragement can mean a lot to runners who are struggling. These encouraging running posters are simple, but can have a powerful effect. If you’re not interested in any funny marathon signs, opt for one of these inspirational messages instead.

  • You Are AMAZING
  • I Don’t Know You, But I’m Proud of You
  • Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body
  • Sweat is Liquid Awesome
  • Your Feet Hurt Because You’re Kicking Butt
  • Pain is Temporary, Finishing is Forever
  • You Are My Hero
  • Those Shorts Make You Look Fast
  • One Mile at a Time
  • The Only Way to Run Faster is to Run Faster
  • Remember Why You Started
  • Less than 1% of Americans Have Run a Marathon – You Are One of the 1%
  • May the Course Be with You
  • You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are
  • Don’t Stop Believing
  • Remember What Brought You This Far
  • Run with Your Heart When Your Legs Get Tired
  • Embrace the Suck
  • There Will Come a Day When You Cannot Do This – Today is Not That Day
  • Be Your Own Hero
  • You Can Do Hard Things
  • Humpty Dumpty Had Wall Issues Too

Unique and Funny Running Sign Ideas

Funny marathon signs can be great, but with so many other spectators holding running signs as well, it can be difficult to stand out. Here are a few unique ideas to really make a memorable impact on the runners.

  • Free hugs
  • Tap Here for a Power Up
  • Create a big blow up of your runner’s face
  • Dress up in a costume
  • Play music
  • Pass out candy, drinks or other snacks
  • Draw with sidewalk chalk
  • Utilize noise makers
  • Create a high five line

These encouraging and funny marathon signs are sure to be crowd pleasers! A little running humor can go a long way when you’re in the middle of a 26.2 mile race. Best of all – all it takes is a piece of paper and a marker to create your very own running poster. Create one of these running signs when you next spectate a race!

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